Hey there!

Yes, I’m still alive.  🙂  You can’t possibly get rid of me that easy.

Truth is, I’ve been incredibly busy and trying to organize my thoughts…and my master plan for taking over the universe – all while battling that old friend called INSOMNIA.  Things have been a bit testy ’round the old Hot Mess Household lately.  I realize most people have trouble sleeping a time or two, but when I can’t even stay asleep when the hubby goes to the kitchen for a drink…it’s time to take action, yo.

When it comes to sleep remedies, I’ve seen ’em all and I’ve done ’em all.  I know what you’re think’in…and you’re right:  I’m back on drugs!

Ambien, my lovely, how I’ve missed you!

While I agree with the excellent practice of not curing every ailment with a pill, there comes a time when enough is enough.  I have no problem going to sleep but I can’t stay asleep.  I don’t have sleep apnea.  I’ve done sleep studies.  There is nothing wrong with me other than, apparently, excellent hearing.  Ear plugs bother me and, frankly, they worry me.  I wouldn’t hear a smoke alarm…or someone knocking at the door…or Bobo the clown breaking in my bedroom window to kill me in the middle of the night.  If I wore ear plugs, I would never reach my .38 in time to blow his big ass clown shoes into Crazy Toast Lady’s backyard.  Frankly, the potential risks are scarier to me than taking a little white pill made of heaven and pixie dust.

I went back to Ambien a few nights ago and I slept…blissfully…all night long.  I didn’t wake up once.  Not rain nor thunder nor dog nor cat…nor hubby fart could wake me up.  And I woke up feeling rested and fabulous.  It was all I could do not to prance to the window and sing “La-la-la-la-laaaaah!” like Sleeping Beauty does in the Disney film.  The world is right again…all because I’m getting some frigg’in SLEEP.

In other news, the hubs and I decided that life in the Hot Mess household wasn’t quite messy enough…so we adopted a 3 month old, 32 lb mess with lots of fur and feet like frying pans.  He’s 1/2 Saint Bernard and 1/2 shit eating trouble maker.  We’ve named him Dyson.  Pictures will follow in the future.  He’s adorable…so you’ve been warned.

I’m still struggling with weight loss and working out, but I’m not main-lining Twinkies and circus animal cookies either…so my conscience is clean.  Life continues and is mostly good.  Summer is gone, I live in the best place ever, and the Rangers are in the playoffs.  Yes…life is definitely good.

Y’all have a wonderful week.  🙂