Well, this is sort of new…

So I gained almost all my weight back…and had a “Come to Jesus meeting” with myself. Then I picked myself up, dusted myself off, and shoved myself back onto the straight & narrow path. I’ve been using all my favorite tools: the scale, My Fitness Pal, and my gym membership. I’ve already lost 5 of the 43 I gained back. In a week. Not too shabby for this Princess.

Of course, this is the perfect time for me to exhibit what I believe to be the first obesity-related medical issue I’ve ever had – or at least that’s what I get to wonder about for the next 12 days until I see my doctor.

I need you to be prepared – and if you’re squeamish about gross physical or medical problems, you probably don’t want to read past this line. However, if you’re struggling for motivation right now and the numbers on the scale are going up instead of down, you might want to keep reading and take a good, long sobering look at these pictures. It might be the motivation you need to get moving again. Y’all know me…I try not to sugar coat things – these photos are not retouched in any way.

For the past two months, my feet have pretty much hurt me all the time. Just getting up is painful and the first several steps I take are agonizing. This is a huge part of what led me to the realization that I was pulling the wool over my own eyes and needed to get on the scale. One night I got up off the couch and waddled into the kitchen like an 80 year old lady…and I felt that nagging feeling you get when you know something is wrong that you can’t turn your back on.

What’s worse, there’s a darkened scabby patch of skin on the outside of my left ankle. If you’ve ever had a sunburn that’s starting to heal and the top layer of skin is brown and dead…that’s what it looks like. But it’s bumpy and kind of scabby…and definitely scary. And it’s all nestled on top of a severely swollen ankle and foot. It’s so disgusting it doesn’t even look human to me. When I took the picture, I was horrified that this was me.

This was my left foot on June 28th:


Do you see the large bulbous area over my ankle? That’s swollen. Notice the brown scaly looking skin. When I first noticed it, I thought I need to exfoliate in the shower – but that doesn’t work. Whatever this shit is, it thinks it’s here to stay. Look at how puffy and swollen my foot is as well. It looked weird to me, but when I took a picture and could see it up close I nearly cried. This barely even looks human.

This image was taken just before my “Come to Jesus” meeting with scale.

Last week, I put myself right back on the straight & narrow path again. I went to the gym. I logged my food. I got on the scale every day. I lost 5 pounds last week just slipping into my old routine. Look at my foot now.

Two weeks later
Two weeks later

The balloon over my ankle is gone. The top of my foot is no longer swollen. That brown dead skin gunk is still there, though. My feet do look better, but I still feel pain when I walk…and I want to know why that skin is so creepy different – because I’ll tell you something: I think it could be lymphodema. I pray to God it’s not. Google it.

Walking is very painful, but I’m dealing with it. The elliptical machine at the gym doesn’t hurt it. The recumbent bike doesn’t hurt it. I did some Googling on this and it can be a product of morbid obesity. There are some remedies for it, but it must be treated as soon as possible – and one of the ways to fight it is to get rid of the excess weight. Talk about motivation.

Here are some images of advanced lymphodema:

   lymphedema2 lymphoedema3      lymphedema1

I’d be lying if I didn’t say I was a little worried about this. I’ve long suspected that I have circulation problems in my legs. And yes, I do realize that I could be completely on the wrong track here – and that’s why I’m going to the doctor.

This is what’s been bothering me for quite a while…and I can no longer sit back and ignore it. Especially after finding these pictures online today. If one of the best ways to control and get rid of it is exercise, then honey…I’m on board. In fact, I’m declaring right now in front of y’all: I’m going to work out every day through Friday. Five days in a row.

When I lost the 45 pounds, my ankle measurement was 12.5. A month ago, it was 15. Tonight it was 14 – so I’ve already done quite a bit between the water challenges on Facebook and eating healthy and working out. I just need to get to a doctor and find out what this is…and keep moving, fighting, swinging. I’m determined to get through this

I’ll keep you posted on what the doc says. Until then, you try and keep me from the gym. 🙂


** side note: This is not Plantar Fasciatis. Just putting this here because I’ve received a lot of comments between the blog, Facebook, and private emails/messaging. 🙂 I had Plantar Fasciatis for 20+ years and finally had Fascia Release surgery about 13 years ago on both feet. This is something different – but whatever it is, I’m going to kick it right in the ass!

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  1. I dunno if this is better or worse but it looks like a diabetes related problem to me. God speed to you lady. Either way you are on your way to getting back to good health. Im in awe and inspired by you 😉

    1. Hi Weezy – It’s actually not related…nor do I have diabetes or even pre-diabetes.

      1. Could be. Pre-diabetes or diabetes can take years to develop, sometimes with no outward symptoms. Usually ignored symptoms like insulin resistance as well as weight gain, skin problems, etc. will just keep snowballing until it can’t be ignored. OR, since you know yourself the best, could just be an unrelated skin problem! Great that you are being proactive!

  2. Look up plantar fasciitis and see if that sounds like your early morning pain. I had it and could only walk in the morning after stretching the back of my calves. Lean on a dresser or wall, stretch one leg back at a time and try to press your heel down to the floor. See if that lets you walk without hobbling.

    As for the dry patch, I have it right on the bump of my right ankle. It’s from sitting on my foot in my computer chair. Do you do that by any chance? The fabric rubs it and sucks the moisture right out of the skin. One elbow is the same way cuz I lean on the arm of my chair with that one. Both are clearing up now that I haven’t used that chair for a month now.

    1. Jade, I had fascia release surgery many, many years ago after suffering from plantar fasciatis since age 13. 🙂 I haven’t suffered from that pain in a long time – but that pain is mostly a morning pain, this is constant. In the 20 years I dealt with plantar fasciatis, I never had this ankle swelling either.

      There’s nothing that’s a friction source causing this issue – and if you could feel it, you’d see what I meant. Something else I forgot to mention: hair has stopped growing on my lower legs, which can also be an indicator.

      I’m going to stop worrying about it because I’ve got a doctor’s appointment and I’ll know what it is soon – but I’ll be relieved to know what it is!

  3. Do you ware flats and sit a lot at work? I had a similar problem when I had a desk job a few years back. I would come home every evening with swollen ankles and feet. If I elevated them it would go down a little, but never completely. Weirdly enough, I noticed when I wore tennis shoes on casual Fridays it didnt happen (more support than flats=better circulation?) Now, mine was also partially related to high bp/water retention, so once I started meds that helped too. Lo and behold though, I started going to te gym and BAM swelling went completely away. I never had the patches of brown that you described, but to me it looks like broken blood vessels from the swelling stretching your skin. That SHOULD go away eventually. 🙂

    You’re doing a good job inspiring me to get my as back to the gym!
    I’m not quite there yet but every post is helping! Thanks girl!

  4. Thank you, as always, for your honesty and your willingness to share this with us. I hope that your foot continues to improve with your re-commitment to lifestyle changes, and that the doctor has really good news for you. I’m glad to hear that you have no signs of diabetes, because I know a lot of diabetics who have had major problems with their feet. My oldest sister had to have 2 1/2 toes amputated due to diabetes.

    I have noticed that when my weight is at it’s highest, I have a lot of problems with my heels, the skin cracking very deeply around the edges, and takes a long time to heal. I looked it up and that’s not uncommon, from asking my poor feet to lug around all this excess weight. =(

    Hang in there…we will do this together. And keep us all posted on what the dr. tells you about it…

  5. Please keep us posted on what the Doctor says. I will think positive thoughts for you that it turns out to be nothing major. i wonder if some of it might be connected to the summer heat and humidity? I know when I was at my heaviest, my ankles and feet would swell unbelievably.

  6. Oh my! I am so glad you are getting yourself to the MD. Those pictures from google were scar-y! God have mercy on those ladies…my heart breaks for them.

    Kudos to you for listening to your body and taking action. Keep us posted! Best to you (and hugs).

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