Follow Up: 50 Awesome Things


I just had gallbladder surgery on Thursday and since I’m restricted from doing pretty much anything else, I thought I’d post an update on my list of 50 awesome things I want to accomplish before my 50th birthday this November. So let’s check off a few!!!

1. Give blood

I did it…even though I’m petrified of needles and some dude totally fainted just as I walked in. I still did it. Thank God for my patient pal Laura who was there to hold my hand. LOL.

Don't let the smile fool ya...I was freaked OUT.
Don’t let the smile fool ya…I was freaked OUT.

2. Volunteer
3. Visit my cousin in Florida

Me with my gorgeous and talented cousin, Nancy
Me with my gorgeous and talented cousin, Nancy

4. Sketch something
5. Rollerskate
6. Enter the State Fair of Texas needlework competition

Done! My needlework received an Honorable Mention ribbon. I’ll post a picture when the State Fair opens and I go see it!

7. Send flowers to someone
8. Take a CHL class  (cancelled – will explain in another post)
9. Write a short story
10. Play with sidewalk chalk
11. Finish the watercolor painting I started in Florida
12. Get my passport
13. Buy a new bike
14. Take a knitting class
15. Walk a 5K (in process…I’m registered for one next month!)
16. Design my first cross stitch pattern
17. Over-tip a waitress
18. Attend a live performance
19. Play in the rain
20. Lose 100 pounds

Done! I can’t believe how heavy these 50 pound bags were…it’s overwhelming to think I once carried this extra weight on my body!

21. Serve myself breakfast in bed
22. Clean out my closet to donate clothes
23. Eat ice cream for the first time in a year
24. Embroider something
25. Clean out the trunk of my car (talk about a hot mess…)

Done! It looks fabulous, trust me. If I waited to take pictures it would take even longer to post this!

26. Watch a movie outside
27. Eat a popsicle

Done! Nothing like major surgery and general anesthesia to give you a sore throat.

28. Get a new floor stand for needlework
29. Watch a sunrise
31. Inspire a rebel
32. Surprise my Mom with a weekend visit

I don’t have pictures, but I did stop in Orange County on my way home from Kauai…but I was exhausted. LOL. Mom was over-the-moon excited to see her baby girl, I promise.

33. Make a really cool craft project
34. Teach a child a new skill
35. Help someone think better of himself or herself
37. Make a new friend
38. Read a book

I read the first book in the Outlander series and started the second. Boom!

39. Go to the movies again (it’s like pulling teeth to get HMH to go)

40. Buy a stranger a drink
42. Random act of baking kindness
44. Ride a rollercoaster
45. 2014 DFW Penis Expedition (Confused? Read this: I live in a penis!)
46. Make a candle
47. Go to the top of the ball at Reunion Tower in Dallas
49. Surprise HMH with a super awesome home-cooked dinner
50. Perform a random act of kindness every day for a week

As for the blank spots, I’m still working on filling those in. Any ideas?

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