President’s Message – September


Hello, stitching friends!

I recently had the pleasure of a stitching vacation in a climate very
different from ours. It was nice to get away from the Texas heat, but the best part of the vacation was stitching with friends. There’s something magical when stitchers get together. We share our work, we teach and learn, and just spend the time with people who share our passion for stitching.

This is one of the things I like best about EGA. We get to know so many
stitchers of varying abilities and get to share our passion for the needle arts. My stitching vacation included two EGA members from Virginia and it was like being with members of our own chapter. I think stitchers are the same the world over.

All our members can enjoy knowing that by being in EGA they are part of
a large network of people who love stitching and learning as much as
they do. We encounter them on social media and at seminars, but mostly
we just know they’re out there loving what they do.