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Hey y’all!

Since my Motivational Marbles inspired so many of you to run out and grab the materials for your own, I asked Matt to create a place where all my readers can share their Motivation Marbles. Simply use the form below and enter your name and any comments you have, then upload your picture.

Pictures will not post to the site immediately – I will have to approve them first. I will do my best to approve them quickly, I promise!  Also just an fyi, it has to be in jpg, jpeg, or png form.  The max size is 1MB just to save me some work.

I can’t wait to see the beautiful projects y’all made for yourselves! I can’t wait!! Now get busy and show me your marbles. 🙂

– Princess Dianne

20 thoughts on “Motivational Marbles

    1. Here is a picture of my motivational marble jars! I found your website from using Pinterest and just want to say thank you for being so inspiring! I started a facebook page for women to join and be inspired on their journey personal fitness journey and will be sharing a link to your website for them to get other ideas of how to make the jars.

      1. Ideal ar fi sa mai ai unul-doi advertiseri in plus fata de cel de acum, pe piata creditelor. Si merg pe ideea asta pentru ca, din pacate, i s-a cam facut o re;&amal#8230c, intelegi ce vreau sa zic! Unii din noi muncim, cu fustrari si cu reusite, dar mergem inainte. Bafta tuturor!

  1. thanks so much for posting this.  I found it through a link in PinInterest.  This just may be what I need to get me started.  Now I have to find some jars or vases and some marbles or pebbles to put in them.  Such an incredibly simple idea with huge results.  Thank you thank you thank you…..

  2. Ooo I am making mine this week, as is a friend of mine who originally pinned this on Pinterest and then sent it to me.  I love crafts and I love getting motivationally crafty lol!  As a side note, the inspirational board in front of your treadmill is pretty awesome.  I am blogging my journey as well, so when I make my jars I will post there and link back to you, as well as send you my pic for your Motivational Marble Board. aka the Nesting Doll.  Keep it up!

  3. To Hot Mess Princess:  What stickers did you use on your “motivational marbles”?  I’m planning on making mine this weekend and want to make sure my stickers, well…  Stick!

  4. I just saw this on Pintrest today! What an awesome idea! I too am battling with my weight.  About 6 months before I got pregnant with my son I started the Atkins diet.  I did really good and lost around 35 lbs with the support of my bff because we did it together.  It worked so well (for awhile) that it didn’t bother me to be missing out on things that were much better for me.  After I had my son I was the skinniest I had been in a long time.  I was a new mommy for the 1st time and all I did was spend time with him.  I didnt’ eat that much and when I did it was healthy.  I was 12 lbs less than what i was when i got pregnant.  Well apparently that didn’t suit his dad who cam home fromwork one day and said i should join a gym.  I was crushed needless to say but still stupid for listening to him.  ssssooo i joined the gym.  I became OBSESSED because i thought if i stayed skinny enough he wouldnt cheat or leave.  Well I was WRONG.  I am 5’9″ and i got down to 150, a weight i should have been happy with but in all reality i had lost all that weight for the wrong reasons.  Now I am happily married to my soulmate and as you know with happiness comes comfort for most people and i gained every single pound back and then some!!! I am down 40 lbs but still have 30-40 to go.  I read a few of your blogs and they are so funny and REAL! Its nice to finally have found someone who knows what its really like to have cheat days and stuggles with weight like me!! Its motivational and i will have to keep up with your blogs!
    Thank you so much and congrats on your current weight loss!!!

    1. Hi Rita!  Thanks so much for your comment…happy to hear you found your soulmate, girl!  Congrats on the 40 lbs and also on what is to come…you’re kick’in ass!

  5. I just saw a pin of this and came to your site to check it out.  I definitely need some motivation and can’t wait to make my own marbles.  Glad to have found you!

  6. Dear Princess,
    I found this on pintrest and love this idea. Im going to make one today! Loved reading your blog!

  7. Instead of marbles, I’m using golden dollar coins and then spending the money on myself when I reach my goal!

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