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  1. I wish I had ebough guts and glory to PLANYT anything! I know my hubby would love to have his very own seasonings and jalepenos. But I too am deathly afraid of BUGS! And dirt and grass and everything else OUTDOORS….

  2. Dianne,

    I just read the post about you. I was truly touched by your post. My dad and my sister both had the gastric bypass surgery. My sister has never shared how she felt when she was overweight growing up. I do wonder how she must have felt growing up being overweight. I can imagine how this decision is difficult for you…deciding whether or not to go through with the surgery. I have watched my dad and my sister weighted pros and cons of doing this surgery and watched them recovering afterward. My friend had a similar surgery recently and she recovers differently than my sister and dad did, because they had theirs over 10 years ago. I do know there is another way to lose weight is by reading the Bible. God has an amazing answer in the Bible, He shows you how you can lose weight by studying His Word daily. That is what I am doing now. I have gained several pounds over the years. I want to go back to size 10, not size 12. I am turning to God’s Word and He has been teaching me patience and perservance as I choose healthier food and eating more fruits and vegetables. I also exercise by running at least 4 times a week. I believe in you, Dianne. I will pray for you! I know you will reach your goal with the determination you have! You go, Dianne!!!

    1. Caring –

      I’m so sorry that I am just now seeing your comment. Something seems to be wonky when comments are left in the photo gallery…I’m not sure why.

      Thank you so much for your kind comments. I am so happy & proud of you for your success…you go, girl!

      Your prayers and well wishes are very much appreciated. Big hugs to you!


  3. Dianna,
    Here it is New Years Day, (Happy New Year), and I am sitting here at my computer with my glass of Mt. Dew, (full strength), and checking out pinterest when I came across your blog. I just have to tell you that I absolutely love you with out even ever meeting you. Not trying to be creepy but you are so on my page of thinking and you put a smile on my face this morning. Best wishes to you and your journey. You put a little more “I think I can” into my step and I am hoping to finally be able to complete my journey of 100 lb loss and not stop half way up the hill at the doughnut shop. Thank you! Heres to a New year of a new self and a new way of thinking!

    1. Shelly – Well, thank you so much as well for putting a smile on my face! I am sitting here at 9 pm Texas time, having helped the hubby entertain my mother-in-law all day, and you’ve reminded me that I promised myself I would not let the first day of 2012 go by without getting my 4 asses on the treadmill. (Even if it’s only 5 minutes). Thank you so much for your well wishes – they are so very much appreciated. And congratulations to you on your road to losing 100 lbs! Anyone who embarks on a journey like this is to be commended, for sure. It is a hard thing to do…and I have every good wish in my heart for your success. Please keep commenting on this blog and feel free to post progress updates. We’ll keep each other motivated. 🙂 Happy New Year!

  4. Dianne, I also found you through Pinterest,(my new obsession) and I sooo feel your pain. I have 150 pounds to lose myself. It is so overwhelming. I have learned I have to break that up into small amounts of 10 pound increments. It’s the only way I can see any way to get through this and onto a new healthier lifestyle. I truly hope you can get to your healthy weight as I’m sure you can. I would so love to be a cheer leader for you and if you’d like to cheer me on too that would be great. My email is Hopefully I’ll hear from you. The best of luck in your efforts.

    1. By the way the clock on the time stamp of the posts is wayyyy off. It is actually 10:52 AM as I am in Oregon. Just thought I’d let you know. 😉

      1. Thank you, Carla, I thought that was just on my end…I’ll have to talk to my buddy Matt about that…he designed and runs this site for me. He’s an awesome possum. 🙂

    2. Carla –

      Thank you so much for finding me! I’m glad you did!! 🙂

      I am so grateful to be connecting with so many others who have significant amounts of weight to lose. And I’m not sure how much of the blog you’ve read, but you and I are right on the same page when it comes to taking this 10 pounds at a time, sister. That is truly the only way I can even begin to think about tackling this…and even then it’s a challenge. I know we can both do this.

      I would love for you to be a cheerleader for me and I will, of course, return the favor! I will send you an email in just a little bit, but I hope that you will continue to read and post comments here on this blog…because I sincerely believe it helps everyone to hear the experience, trials, and triumphs of others. 🙂

  5. Came across your blog on Pinterest. Just wanted to let you know that I read it and you should be so proud of yourself. Keep Going!!!! :)) PS. Cute St. Bernard!

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  6. Found you on Pinterest (you’ll recognize the name in the email). Just wanted to say your blog is fantastic, as is your story. I’ll be rooting for you all the way, and taking inspiration from you on my way. Thank you for your honest, straightforward, well written blog. You write for all of us who have a lot of weight to lose. You ROCK!

    1. Ann! I certainly do recognize the name. 🙂 Congratulations on your success…and thank you so much for your kind comments. Hope to see you posting comments a lot!!

  7. Ack! This is the only place I can find to comment. Is there somewhere else I should be commenting? Loved the blog today. I too hate ‘Fit Speak.’ I think I’ve gotten around that somewhat by thinking of exercise as a way to ‘get to do more stuff’ as opposed to a weight loss tool. And I don’t mean stuff like eating an extra Oreo or slipping into the skinny jeans (whoever heard of size 20 skinny jeans?) Anyway, my goal last year was to be able to ride my bike better….and I did that, all the way around Lake Tahoe. One of my goals is to be able to do a pull up. A pull up, not some super duper ramped up upside down pull up, and not to do it a gazillion times. I just want to be able to do one pull up for all those years I couldn’t during the Presidential Fitness exam during my youth. Do they still have those? Anyway, ‘doing more stuff’ seems much easier to take than ‘I need to shred my core!’

    1. Just FYI for the future, to comment on a specific Blog post, click on the name of the post which will redirect you to that posts specific page. If you scroll down to the bottom of it, you can post a comment there =)

    2. Hi Ann!

      Please see Matt’s comment below and see if that helps.  If you are still unable to comment, please email me at dianne@hotmessprincess
      .com and I’ll do whatever I can.  You should be able to comment on posts and not just here in the photo gallery.  🙂

      Congrats to you on your bike success – and OMG…the Presidential Physical Fitness test.  I always hated that thing.  Good Lord!!!  LOL

  8. I don’t know how I found you through Pinterest but I did….I am on a 100 pounds to lose journey…I think I will enjoy walking with you 🙂  You are funny!

    1. Hi D!

      I’m so glad you did find me.  I am going to enjoy walking with you as well…I’m counting on you to slap the crap out of me if I’m tempted by anything labeled “Little Debbie”.  🙂

      1. you got it…those damn little Debbie pumpkin thingys with the evil smiling faces!!  At least we won’t see them again until the fall…

        1. I hear ya, D, but there are always plenty of Little Debbie “snacks” around…that bitch never sleeps.  Pfft!

  9. Found you through Pinterest and glad I did!  I’m trying to lose 94 lbs and am struggling with it.  It will be nice to read your blog and keep myself motivated through your posts.  🙂

    1. Hi EmJP!  It’s nice to see you here!!  

      94 lbs…you can do it.  🙂  I’m not sure if you’ve seen this one on Pinterest or not, but there’s a quote that always gets me:

      A year from now, you’ll wish you started today.

      That always gets me…because it’s true!  I’ve struggled with this for so long, I’m determined.  2012 is my year!!!!  Yours too, right??!?!?  🙂

  10. Hello,
    I also found you through Pinterest and love your blog.  I have a lot to lose but I have no problem getting to the gym.  The nutrition part is my down fall.  I hope you find more good low cal recipes for us to try.  Congrats on your weight loss so far !!!

    1. Hi 4ever!

      Thank you so much…I’m so happy you’re here.  🙂  

      This just goes to show you, we all have our different challenges, don’t we?  My brother is like you:  no problem working out, big challenges on eating.  

      I posted recently that you really have to find what works for YOU and no one else.  Just that realization has helped me so much.  You can find the post HERE

  11. Good Morning-

    I am going through my own “re-centering”, if you will, and I’ve read on several sites that part of going through a lifestyle change with regards to eating healthier and losing fat can cause some depression.  I am a full time Master’s student and also working full time… and I think I’m rapidly approaching rock bottom.  Lately I have been feeling severely depressed which, if you knew me, is COMPLETELY opposite of who I usually am.  Before this nutritional adjustment, I was full of life, full of energy and positive vibes.  I can barely get up in the morning, can’t work out, can’t focus on my school, and am withdrawn in general.  And this has only been 2 weeks!  WTH?  Reading what I just typed makes me seem like a total wuss, and I’m fully surprised that I’m feeling like this in such a short amount of time.  I have been eating clean, 5-6 times a day about 2-3 hours in between, each portion about 400 calories, balanced macronutrients, plenty of water…so I’m not depriving myself at all- I just cut out all the fast foods and sugary delights which were my main source of food everyday.  Yes, I was an emotional eater, so it got worse when $*!% hit the fan.

    Anyway, the reason why I am writing you is because I found you on pinterest and read your blog.  This morning is the first time that I actually chuckled and smiled in what feels like a long time.  I appreciate what you are doing for yourself and for many, many other people out there who are undergoing their own personal battles.  Your sense of humor and positive attitude is just what I needed to feel a glimpse of hope, so thank you so much for that.
    I will continue to refer to your blog several times a week to get that inspiration and smile back- hopefully it won’t be too long before I regain the spring in my step.  =-)

    Thank you, Ms Diane.

    1. A.R. – When I read your comments, I got all teary eyed.  I can relate to so much you had to say…and I am so overwhelmingly honored to have put a smile on your beautiful face today.  I hope with all my heart that the spring BOINGS itself right back into your step, sweetie.  I have faith it will!  Looking forward to seeing you around here…don’t stay a stranger.  (And a Masters program AND working full time?  You’re a ninja!!!)

  12. Found you through Pinterest, like a whole bunch of other folks. I just wanted to say that I’m looking forward to reading about your journey, hoping to get a little inspiration for mine, and last but not least:

    You are beautiful!

    1. Hi Jennifer –  Thank you so much for your comments…I’m so glad you found me!  Hope to see you around often…I need all the pals I can get.  We all need support, don’t we!

  13. Saw your Pin. Read your blog. Excited to make some jars of my own. Will check back for some of your inspiration and perhaps leave some for you from time to time too. Many blessings on your journey!

    1. Thank you so much, Carrie.  I can’t wait to hear about your jars – and maybe see them!  I’m working on something…

      I’m glad you’re here!

  14. Hello Mrs Dianne!

    This morning I got this link from a friend on LoseIt who loved your marble jar idea.
    But, I got hooked reading and couldn’t stop. Then I decided to read your personal story.
    I cried. Im overweight, but I also have a 10 year-old daughter who has a little tummy and your story touched me so much. A few minutes ago, I was relaxing on the sofa next to my husband who is playing a game and I started thinking about your blog again. So I told him: “you need all your concentration or can I read you something” (men and their games-it’s serious). He told me to go ahead so I did.
    I read him your story… Well, after a few minutes, he actually paused the game and was as taken by your writing as I had been.

    That is when I decided to write you this message…. You are amazing! You have a gift and can use it to touch so many people’s lives as you share the steps to your weight loss journey. I will definitely come back to read some more. Keep up the good work.

    Thank you!!

    1. Hi Aimee –  

      Thank you so much for such wonderful comments.  I am so flattered and thankful that you took the time to post them here.  You make me feel like what I’m doing is worthwhile.

      I’m impressed that you can at least get your hubby to sit on the COUCH when he plays his games (I’m assuming you’re talking about video games, right?)

      My hubby has decided that our ottoman is the perfect “sniper perch” from which to unleash his 40-something aged fury onto the 12 year olds of the internet.  LOL.  He’s quite serious about it.  🙂

      I’m so happy you’re here.  Thank you so much for sharing your comments with me!

      1. LOL. Yes its video games… Not perched on the ottoman (yet). But it must be coming soon. We just got the console at Christmas, supposedly for the kids. Ha!

  15. I love your motivation marbles!  I can’t wait to to use your idea !  I’m so happy to hear that you chose the side of good ol’ diet and excercise versus surgery.  I have 70 lbs to lose and was feeling pretty discouraged until I ran across your pin!  I’m on day 3 of my diet and plan to make it this time!  Good luck with your journey!

  16. You are such a motivation! I came across your marbles picture on pinterest and it directed me here! I started reading your story and I am hooked! It is now a daily ritual to check back! I have started my own ‘marbles’ and am happy to say I’ve already started loosing. Keep up the fantastic work and can’t wait to hear this news! 🙂 thanks for the inspiration and motivation!

  17. I like you have many pounds to lose.  I was fit my whole life until I had a son at 27.  I always felt like I was fat too but I wasn’t. I was just hanging with a bunch of very thin people.  My boyfriend, now husband was in a band and I used to go out and dance all night long to them playing with my friends.  Once I had my son that all stopped and he stopped playing in a band.  That is when the real weight gain started.  Now I am 48 and need to lose a lot of marbles.  I am unhealthy and want to do more things without running out of breath or my back hurting.  I started a diet as well on Jan 2 and have done great unil this weekend.  My boss overly stressed me out on Friday and I went home and had pizza.  Man what a mistake.  The next day it was Wendy’s and McDonalds.  Starting back up tomorrow.  I’m not gonna let that skinny b#$@h derail what I was trying to do.  I am a stress eater and have a high stress job and a high stress life in general.  Not a good mix.  I love your marble idea.  I will do that and get back on the diet train tomorrow.  Thanks for the motivation.  Keep up the good work and shame on that jerk teacher that told you that you were fat at 10. 

    1. Hey there Val!  Sorry to hear you’re going through it to, but we will prevail!  Get those marbles together@!!  🙂

    2. Val, I know you’ve moved past that bad day already and you’re back on track with your healthy eating.  When you have a bad day, realize that it’s just ONE DAY.  So what if you’re stressed out and you eat a pizza?  That doesn’t mean that everything you’ve done up until that point is useless.  It’s just ONE DAY.  Call it a vegetable and move on.  It was something you needed, it was something you ate, it’s something that’s DONE.

      You’re NOT on a diet.  You’re on a JOURNEY to a healthier lifestyle.  A diet has a beginning and and end.  A healthy lifestyle is something you live every day, revelling in the fact that living well is the best revenge!  Once you start living that healthy lifestyle, the weight loss is a bonus.

      At this point, it’s been four months since your post.  I know you’ve moved lots of marbles from the “start” bucket into the “lost” bucket.  Because you’re just that awesome.

  18. Your pets are GORGEOUS!! I saw your motivational marbles on Pinterest and am going to use that to help me get going. From what I’ve read so far, you are such an inspiration and an amazing writer! Keep it going!! 🙂

  19. Love your site, I just started on my weight loss journey, one 1/2 week ago, down 15 pounds, have another 125 to go. I will get there, thanks for sharing your journey, WE WILL DO THIS !!!  

  20. I will be 54 next week.  I have fought weight my entire life.  On thursday I have my final appointment with a lapband surgeon before submission to my insurance company.  I know to some it may seem to be the “easy” way out, but after going thru all of the required appointments with the surgeon, head doc, dietician and excersize guy, (who was really hott by the way) it’s going to be anything but easy.  I ran across the motivational marbles and thought what a wonderful and fun way to keep track of my weight loss!  My goal is 111 marbles!!! 

    1. Hi Cindy!

      First, Happy Early Birthday!  🙂
      Second, lap band is NOT the easy way out.  I don’t know how much of my blog you’ve read, but I was waiting for clearance from my insurance company from August to January (6 month waiting period required).  It was only when I had my own sort of epiphany that I decided to try this on my own for a while.

      I agree with you that bariatric patients have to eat right and exercise every bit as much as anyone else.  People do tend to think that you have surgery and then your worries are over.

      I wish you all the best with your surgery…and the next time someone tries to tell you that you’re doing it the easy way, I’d stand firmly and put ’em right in their place.  This is YOUR fight and your life…you are doing what you think is right for yourself.  Go girl!

  21. migraines? hair loss? gluten intolerance? hmm? I found out this is the majority of my problem!!! making dieting a nightmare when eating all the wrong foods!

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