Well, la-de-freak’in-dah! Welcome!!

Oh-em-gee!  I am the new owner of the domain name hotmessprincess.com   Wow! Holy poop sticks!!

If you found this site in a midnight drunken internet surfing session, you have no idea who I am, do you?  That’s alright…just stand over there near the trash can in case you feel the need to hurl your Chili’s Ultimate Nachos on my snazzy new desk.

If you followed me here from my blog at Battle of the Butt, please feel free to unfasten your seat belt and step off the bus…because we’ve arrived at our new location!  Thank you for coming with me.  🙂

You might want to click on the subscription link on the right to make sure you know how to get back here.  Go on…clicky clicky!  Subscribe via RSS will let you subscribe to this blog in a reader, like Google Reader.  Subscribe via email will…well, you know. You’ll get this whole hot mess delivered right to your in box!

I’ve also created a new Facebook Fan Page for Hot Mess Princess, so you’ll find the “LIKE” button down there on the right side as well.  If you have Facebook, please click the “LIKE” button here on my blog.  You won’t win any money or anything, but I’m pretty sure God kills a kitten every time someone doesn’t click that “LIKE” button…so…better get to it.

There’s also a link for Twitter.  Some people don’t understand the need for Twitter, but I’m all about the power of communication.  I have no idea what we’ve done without it for so long.  For example, I can imagine when I was a little girl my Mom would have found a million and one uses for Twitter.  Like if one of the neighborhood ice cream trucks would tweet “Bobo’s on Michelson Drive!”   I can totally see my Mom tweeting back “Don’t buy from @Bobo the Ice Cream Clown…he has dirty toes!  Wait for @Bob & Ginny at 3 pm!”  True story.  Except there was no Twitter back then, so she screeched it across our entire block.

Anyway, welcome!!  This site has been a long time coming.  I’ve grown so fond of this whole blogging thing that I felt an overwhelming urge to break free from my Battle of the Butt restraints and let it all hang out…so here I am.  I’ve moved to a new domain and I’m widening my perspective.

(Widening my perspective…not my ass.)

Yes, I will still be working off my four asses, err…um…3.5 asses, sorry.  I’ll still be blogging about weigh-in day, and cautiously exploring the world of green vegetables…I just won’t be limiting the babble to my weight loss efforts.  And I won’t be mixing all my foods together, either.  I’m sorry – I just won’t.  I have my limits.  Don’t judge me.

Now…I want to talk about Matt.  🙂  This site would not be possible without Matt. Matt is an uber, kick ass, web designing god among men.  And I am lucky enough to call him my friend.

You should’ve seen this site when he started.  It was horrible.  Cob webs, dust, and I’m pretty sure someone left a piece of fish rotting in the back corner somewhere.  It was hideous.  But here comes Matt with his pixelated genius…and look at it now.  He is, in a word, amazing.  Matt, thank you for turning my dark and stanky corner of the interwebz into something minty fresh and completely awesome.  🙂

As for the rest of you…I’m so glad you’re here.  We have so much to talk about:  the S2H Replay watch, the dangers of home improvement, the fashion faux pas we chubby girls can make, you name it.  At this very moment, however, I’ve got a Saint Bernard licking my elbow.  This is code for “Let me outside before I drop a giant yard biscuit on your foot, Momma”…so I need to go take care of that sitch…pronto.

I’ll be back before you know it.  🙂




4 thoughts on “Well, la-de-freak’in-dah! Welcome!!

  1. Looking forward to the expanded format which still includes the shrinking butt-count! Are you going to archive any of the old BotB stuff here? Just wondering since when I first found you, reading through your previous posts was so inspiring!

    1. Hi Kim! Thanks so much for your support. 🙂

      Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem possible to archive the old blog over here. Google Blogger has a lot of limitations when it comes to hosting it on an actual domain, which is one of the reasons I decided to change formats completely. I will be keeping the old in place, though…there are a lot of good memories over there!!

      If they ever do tweak it so that it can be archived elsewhere, I’ll jump on that for sure…and I still plan to refer back to those once in a while.

  2. Hey sistah! Congrats on your new digs! I’m digging the new place a lot, even got those chairs in the lobby with the extra fluff in them so it’s like an upholstered cloud for my ample hiney! Looking forward to your indisputable words of impeccable reason to be uttered. The fettered masses are yearning to be free already!

    Seriously, best of luck kiddo! HUGS!

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