Dianne’s Guilt Free Potato Chips

I’ve finally found a method of making CRISPY potato chips with no oil. Ingredients? A potato. That’s it. No oil. And the real kicker is that they’re made in the microwave. Intrigued? Read on, my fellow warriors…read on…



1 potato, scrubbed (peeling on)
any seasoning of your choosing

That’s it! Now…let’s get started.

A word about slicing the potato: the slices must be uniform…and thin. I highly, highly, highly recommend getting a mandolin slicer if you don’t have one. They are AWESOME!!! But…if you use one, I would like to state the obvious: please use the gripper thing that comes with it…not your hand…to shove food towards the blade. Don’t end up like me. I actually cut my fingertip off back when I was still experimenting with this recipe.

Losing weight through healthy eating is awesome.

Losing weight through cutting off fingertips is…well…painful! PLEASE be careful!

So…the first thing you need to do when you start cooking is to gather all your equipment together as pictured below:

Given my prowess at slicing & dicing, my kitchen equipment list always includes Bactine, gauze pads, and medical tape.

Okay, just kidding. Onward!

Using the thinnest setting on your mandolin slicer, slice a whole potato. If you don’t have a mandolin slicer, use a food processor or a good old fashioned knife…but be CAREFUL!!! The potato slices should be about this thin (notice how you can just see through the slices):

Tear off a sheet of parchment paper that will just fit over the turntable in your microwave. If your microwave doesn’t have a turntable, awesome…just fit the parchment sheet to the bottom of the microwave.

Arrange potato slices on parchment paper, being careful not to overlap:

Season the potato slices with whatever seasoning you like. (I use plain sea salt…or if I want a little more flavor, I use “Uncle Bob’s Tater Tweaker” or “Mesquite ‘n Spicy Cowboy Rub”. Yum!)

Put the potatoes in the microwave and nuke ’em on HIGH for 5 minutes. Watch them carefully. Depending on your microwave and the thickness of the potato slices, the cooking time may vary. You’ve been warned!

After 5 minutes, your chips have started to cook nicely and the edges are starting to curl like real bagged FRIED chips you get in the grocery store:

But they’re not done yet! Continue cooking chips on HIGH in 3 minute increments…watching them carefully. If this is your first time with this recipe, I recommend testing the texture of one chip with your fingertip when you think they might be done. Continue to cook the chips until your desired texture is reached…then enjoy your crispy, warm, salty, awesome potato chips!!!

(If you’re not into parchment paper and want a greener alternative, Pampered Chef carries an awesome silicone chip maker. No BPA, dishwasher safe. Their Simple Slicer is also a GREAT mandoline and less pricey than others.)

8 thoughts on “Dianne’s Guilt Free Potato Chips

    1. You’re very welcome, Lisa!

      Try this as well: get an 8 oz. size non-fat plain greek yogurt. HAS to be greek yogurt, as it’s thicker than regular yogurt.

      Buy a packet of your favorite dip mix and mix it in slowly, tasting often to make sure you don’t add too much.

      This is my favorite game time snack when watching sports with the hubby. 🙂 Chips & dip…and it doesn’t go right to my ass!

      Thanks for reading!

  1. I can’t wait to try these!! I love your dip suggestion, too! I love your picture with the guaze pads and Bactine — too funny!

  2. We love these potato chips.  I did start out one day this week without the gripper thingy for the mandolin – and I now have the pad of my index finger missing.  This is quite an injury – so PLEASE use the gripper if you use a mandolin.

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