Get real, please!

As the year comes to a close, I find I’m really at my wits end. Everywhere I look, I see the dumbing down of America. Advertisers are trying to mold us into non-thinking automatons – especially when it comes to body image.

I’ve had body image issues for years, thanks to The King (a male role model from my childhood…it’s a story for another time). I’m far better about my body image now than I ever used to be – which is weird because I’m close to my heaviest weight. Perhaps that’s why I take it so personally when I see the world trying to tell us all how we should see ourselves & and what we should be like.

There’s a commercial on television right now that makes me want to come out swinging every time I see it. Two women are at a Starbucks-ish coffee shop, but instead of ordering their usual venti caramel macchiato or tall no-whip cafe mocha, they’re just spewing out how many calories each drink contains. We’re supposed to see the absurdity of ordering a 400 calorie beverage – and it would be ridiculous if these girls were in there every day. We don’t know that, though, do we? Perhaps they’re just old friends meeting up for their monthly Sunday morning chat – and there’s absolutely no harm in a monthly mocha. Whatever the case, we’re supposed to take away that these two fatties in the coffee shop are not making good decisions…and that there’s a better way to live. Apparently, that better way is paved with Yoplait yogurt.

The woman on the left decides enough is enough…and she changes her order to a Yoplait yogurt, proudly displaying it for the iCult member/barista behind the counter. Look how proud she is that she’s made this momentous decision to stop being a fatty and do as Yoplait says: replace one thing a day with Yoplait yogurt and watch something “amazing” happen.

Wait a damn minute…please.

Look at this woman. This woman does not need to replace one thing in her daily menu with Yoplait yogurt. This woman needs a turkey dinner…and some whole grain dinner rolls…and maybe a huge salad tossed with olive oil or some other healthy fat. Yeah…fat. She doesn’t need to watch her weight. In fact, she could stand to put on a couple pounds. Is it just me or is her friend looking at that yogurt as if to say “Why, you crazy skinny-ass bitch…”

This actress was not a great choice to cast as someone who’s concerned about her weight. Ever hear the old adage “The camera adds 10 pounds”? It’s actually true. People do look heavier on camera. Can you imagine what this bony chick looks like in person?? Even thinner.

Her shoulders are nearly concave and she’s so pale. This is not a person who inspires me to do anything but crawl through the tv and offer to buy her a nice multi-grain muffin or even a damn danish. Holy crap. EAT something please.

I don’t like the not-so-hidden message that I need to make better choices than this lady with the pointy clavicle. I don’t like the message that advertisers are sending to women and, more importantly, young girls everywhere that it’s important to look like some bony freak or airbrushed model in order for us to be acceptable to society. I don’t like it one bit.

Take this ad, for example. Because I write so much about my own battle of the butt, Google ads thinks it’s helpful to show me shit like this:

This ad was the reason I decided to remove Google ads from my blog. Yeah, I’m sure the chick with the drop dead hot body in this ad is tired of being fat. What a heifer! I can’t remember which post I wrote, but when I saw this ad in the middle of it I was raving mad. This ad is so disrespectful – not only to women, but specifically to women who struggle with body image issues.

Even my own people are turning against me – and by “my own people” I’m speaking of plus sized clothing manufacturers. They’re supposed to be on my side, but so many of them insist on taking a size 9 model and shoving her in plus sized clothing. (Click HERE for exhibit A)

Is anyone actually fooled by this crap? Really??

I’m pissed. I’m really tired of society showing us one thing and telling us it’s something else entirely. This slim woman is not the typical woman who’s worried about her weight. The woman in the diet ad does NOT need to lose any weight. No wonder women are so jacked up when it comes to body image. Is this what we want to teach our daughters?

This is not what we should be aspiring to:

I want a little reality check for the world, please. I want models who can actually wear the plus sized clothes I buy. I want to see more real looking women with hips & slightly chubby legs & not-so-perfect tummies…and less angry, pouty, spray-tanned, women who are far more fortunate than the average girl – whether it’s natural beauty or something installed by a surgeon.

Get real. Be real. Stay real.

Speaking of which…I’ve been off sugar for 2 1/2 days and my universe has yet to fall apart. 🙂 Who knew?

I don’t care how big you think your butt is, how small you think your boobs are, and I don’t care about that scar you’ve got in whatever place you’ve got it in that makes you self conscious.

You are beautiful because you’re you. And so am I. Amen.

4 thoughts on “Get real, please!

  1. I couldn’t agree with you more! I’m SO glad I had two boys, I don’t have to be worried about them having body image problems because of advertisers and Hollyweird. I hate the whole “your happiness hinges upon your weight” theory of life….my happiness hinges upon my activities and my family and my friends. It has NOTHING to do with my weight!

    Yes, I would like to lose a LOT of weight that I’ve been carrying around for quite a while….yes, I’m trying to make better choices in what I eat. But am I going to deprive my inner treat-monster every single time when she roars? No! 🙂

    Love ya, Dianne!

  2. Thank you both for your comments!!!

    Liz, I hear you on the inner treat monster…I’m just REALLY treating mine with some tough love right now. LOL

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