Kick Ass Crepes

This is so simple and yet soooooooooo very yummy. This doesn’t taste low cal at all. It’s definitely a dessert I can live with!

Here’s what you need:


1 9-inch Melissa’s French Crepes (or other store bought crepe…look in the produce section or ask the manager!)
1 handful of raspberries or other fruit
2 tbsp. low fat cream cheese
1 – 3 tsp honey
2 tbsp. Fat Free Reddi-Whip dairy topping (the squirty kind in the can)


Put crepe on a microwave safe plate
Drop fruit all along center of crepe
Drop cream cheese by spoonfuls in dotted line down center of crepe
Drizzle honey on top of fruit and cream cheese

Fold sides of crepe over fruit and cream cheese, roll so it sits seam side down
Heat in microwave 10 – 25 seconds
Squirt two squirties of Reddi-Whip on top

Again, I’m not a great photographer…but this dessert is quite yummy. ENJOY!

Here is the calorie breakdown:

Melissa’s Crepe: 51 calories
Raspberries: 5 calories
Cream Cheese: 40 calories
Honey: 20 calories (per teaspoon)
Reddi-whip: 5 calories (for 2 tbsp)
TOTAL: 117 calories of sheer Heaven!!!

There are a million different versions of this that you can create yourself. Try bananas…yummo!

One last bit of input from me: if you’re going to create this delectable culinary wonder, may I gently remind you to CHECK YOUR PORTIONS, people! I am just as guilty of it as the rest of you, but mark my words…you can’t get on the scale expecting to see great results if you’re hosing down the crepe with Reddi-whip and only logging 2 tablespoons in your food journal. You know what I mean!!! Stick to the recipe…it’s wonderful…trust me!

4 thoughts on “Kick Ass Crepes

    1. Let me know how you like it, Joyce!  Just FYI, you can put more fruit in them than this…after I took the pictures, I realized I should have loaded ’em up more.  Just be sure to check the calories in the fruit and you’re good to go.  Yum!!

  1. That looks AMAZING!  I just had Melissa’s Crepes for the very first time this weekend.  My girlfriend brought them over when we had dinner Sat night.  She soaked some Blueberries and Strawberries in Port wine and Agave nectar, that was the filling and then we drizzled a teeny tiny bit(1/2tsp, heated) of nutella on the inside and topped it with the same Fat free Reddi Wip. It was GREAT!  I am gonna try this one too…that way I can diversify 🙂

  2. Oh and the men felt like they had a REAL dessert…typically they are teasing us about how they need ice cream to follow up our lame desserts…

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