My employer has a pretty cool program called “HealthMatters”.  Basically, employees earn a reduction on next year’s insurance deductible by doing certain healthy activities like taking preventive tests and quitting naughty behaviors like smoking, eating too much, and dating jerks.  Okay, I’m not sure about the jerk thing…but the rest is true.

Every two to three months, I get a call from my HealthMatters nurse, Monica.  Over the past year, she has endured assorted tales from me but there was nothing that could prepare poor Monica for the motivation train that has been plowing through the Hot Mess household lately.  We last spoke at the end of November – long before I fell back ON the wagon.  🙂

So Monica calls and asks me how I’ve been doing with my goal of quitting diet soda.  I proudly say “DONE!  Haven’t had one since Christmas day!!”

Monica congratulates me and then says “Okay, so the last time we talked you were considering lap band surgery and were going to be about ready to schedule a surgery date…how is that going?”

Poor Monica didn’t get a chance to say anything except the occasional “Oh my gosh!” for the next 15 minutes.  I told her about giving up sugar, about my imaginary lap band experiment, about the Motivation Marbles, and about getting back on the treadmill.  After every “Oh my gosh!” she offered, I countered with “I know, right!”  It was a good conversation.

I told her that I decided against having any kind of surgery – at least for the next 30 days – while I make sure my mojo is fully back.  She was quite proud of me.  I’m quite proud of me.

Two things that always trip me up, though, are getting too cocky too fast…and not working out on a consistent basis.  In all my previous attempts to get healthy, I’ve known this about myself and yet I’ve never done anything proactive to make sure it doesn’t trip me up again.  This is the first time I’ve ever actually thought “Oh yeah…I need to be sure I work out consistently and keep my focus” while I’m still motivated and doing well.  I may be the slowest learner on the planet.

I know that I will get bored and discouraged if I don’t keep this interesting, so I spent a little money on myself today.  I’ve had one of these before but I lost it somewhere in this house.  (Most likely Sarah the cat decided she didn’t like all that noise coming from the treadmill, so she batted it under a huge piece of furniture somewhere.)  At any rate, I’ve bought myself a second S2H Step pedometer.  Ever heard of these?

Basically, the pedometer counts your steps like any other pedometer does…but this one gives you a code after you take 10,000 steps.  You register online for a free account and log each code you get.  Each code is worth 60 points.  Rack up enough points and you can spend them on whatever prizes you want.  Prizes vary and availability varies, so you have to keep an eye on the website.  Last year, they offered a Nintendo Wii system for a while.

There are lots of prizes to chose from including discounts on spa weekend getaways, gift cards to stores like Walmart and Target, and music downloads.  If you’re a parent and you’re trying to get your kids to be more active, there are stickers and other kid things available as prizes.  If the pedometer won’t work for your kids, there’s also a wristband.  So…this was my first little splurge today:


Of course, I got mine in pink.  🙂

As much as I love walking, I’m afraid I’ll get bored if that’s all I do.  I would love to get an elliptical trainer, but like most families in this economy, we just can’t afford a purchase like that right now – and I hate gyms.  I like to exercise in privacy and solitude.  I also like to dance.  So…this weekend, I plan to shake it like a polaroid picture.  Check it out:

Dance on Broadway

I do have “The Michael Jackson Experience” for PS3, having four asses makes dancing like the King of Pop more frustrating than fun.  So little Michael will have to keep his moonwalk’in ass in the bottom of the perfectly matched decorator basket that holds our collection of PS3 games.  I’ll have to lose some pounds before I can convincingly grab my crotch and shriek “WooHOOOO!” in my living room.  Too much of a challenge for me right now!

Speaking of challenges, I passed the temptation test today.  I’ll give you the short version:  Office Party.  Cake.  Me. Bad Ass.  🙂  Didn’t eat any.  Wasn’t worth it.  WooHOOO!  (No, I’m not grabbing my crotch like Michael…promise.)

Another challenge tomorrow:  lunch with a couple of my girlfriends at my absolutely favorite restaurant.  Let’s just say that if you ask a server for nutritional information at this place, they smile and giggle.  LOL.  Here’s the deal, though:  my favorite entree is actually not bad at all because of the way I order it.  It’s basically a piece of heavenly seasoned, grilled chicken on a french roll.  Okay, sure…it’s served with fries.  But I don’t get an emotional high from french fries.  I do get a hell of a reaction from their cheesecake.  It’s almost like I need a cigarette when I’m done, ok?  (Except I don’t smoke…but you know what I mean.)

So tomorrow I’m going to my favorite restaurant with my friends.  I’m ordering my favorite chicken sammie and I’m eating the fries.  I am not drinking diet soda.  I am NOT ordering cheesecake.  I’ve already informed my girlfriends that I am perfectly fine if they order dessert – in fact, I would appreciate the opportunity to flex my mojo a little.  Bring it.

Abstaining from cheesecake but eating french fries may not make sense to some of you, but I’m reigning in my emotional reaction to food.  That’s what this is.  I can control the french fry monster.  I can’t control the cheesecake monster.  And I’ve just celebrated 30 days of being free of diet soda, which I’ve tried to do for years, so I definitely don’t want to break that record.

Thankfully, although Mother Nature is still visiting, the 7 dwarfs of the apocalypse are gone:  Bloaty, Crampy, Bitchy, Painful, Queasy, Achy, and Pissy.  I feel normal again.  I’m highly motivated to get moving again.  And I’m looking forward to losing a few marbles on Wednesday when I get on the scale.

Bring it.


15 thoughts on “Mojo-a-Gogo

  1. Woohoo! How awesome to totally be able to wow her like that!

    I’d love to know how you like this dance game… my kids & I have been doing Just Dance II & III for our five days in a row so far and we LOVE it!

    1. Hi Marcy!  I will most definitely post later today or tomorrow about the game.  Are the Just Dance games very hard to follow along to?  Part of my brain still thinks I’m a dancer but then I start moving and…oh, it’s just horrible.  LOL

  2. You go girl!! So proud of u- I weighed in at weight watchers and lost 2.6 for a total of 14.4.
    You have definitely motivated me this week when I was discouraged!

    We have a long road ahead of us but together we can accomplish what some think is impossible! Refusing the lap band sisters!! Much love and prayers to you tomorrow!

    1. Amy, that’s awesome!  14.4 pounds…go, girl!  I’m flattered to have made a difference.  You’re making a difference for me too.  I have such a long way to go and everyone who comments here, on Facebook and Twitter, well…it’s amazing and wonderful for me.

      We are all going to lose our marbles.  🙂  

  3. Woo Hoo way to go girl! So proud of you! I went and “worked out” again today. I am pooped! lol I am excited about it right now but I know I will get bored with it, and I really need to start thinking of ways to keep it interesting, and keep motivited. I did get on the scale this morning and saw a number I haven’t seen in YEARS! Super excited about that!
     I would love to get the Kinect for our XBOX so I could get those kind of “games”  but our living room is so small we would have to move all the furniture out to play. LOL I totally understand about the whole cheesecake dilema! There are certain fatty foods that I can eat in small doses and not get a craving for more, like fries. Then there are foods like chocolate cake that makes me want to eat more and more.
    It’s so great to come here and see everyone encouraging eath other! What a positive place!

    1. Missy, that’s awesome!  Sounds like you get me on the food monster thing.  🙂  

      We’re all going to get where we want to go if we keep supporting each other.  We’re gonna kick some booty!

  4. Awesome!!!  I’ve been looking at getting a fitbit, but I need to do some more research before I drop that amount of money on it.  (I think it’s like $100).

    We too had cake at work, for which I did have a small piece.  However, I tracked it, and also managed to walk another 2 miles later in the day during lunch 🙂

    Weekends are always my struggle, but I’m going to get through this one just fine 🙂


    1. Hi Lauren!

      I looked into a FitBit too, but I’m not convinced on how it gets its data.  I like the BodyBugg better but I do NOT like the monthly fee.  I had recurring monthly fees.  LOL

      Nice job on the walking!

      1. Yeah, I wish I could get some more info- it’s gotten decent reviews but I’m still unsure.  Is it sad that I want it because it comes in black/pink combo? lol

    1. Love them!  Will you add them to the Motivational Marbles project here on the site?  There’s also a place where you can provide a link to your blog!

  5. Got linked to your Blog from Pinterest, totally going to do the marbles thing!  I just started a weight loss blog myself, maybe you’d like to check it out!  Good Luck on your journey, looking forward to watching your marbles change jars!!

    1. Hi Heather!  I will definitely check it out!!  When you make your jars, please come back and post them on the Motivational Marbles project (there’s even room for you to add a link to your blog).

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