Updates And Downtime

Okay so I’m usually just the behind the scenes one, but I just wanted to give the readers a heads up that we are currently upgrading the comment system to something FAR superior to what we had.  It should allow both Dianne and myself to manage and reply to comments in a much more efficient way.

As an added benefit it will give you guys a much better interface and a lot more features.  In the meantime though, all of the old comments are missing.  Worry not, they will return…just in a better format.

Feel free to check out the new comment system and get posting though.  We’re always looking for feedback on improving usability so let me know how you like it!


7 thoughts on “Updates And Downtime

  1. Hey, y’all, this is your chance to tell Matt how much he rocks.  🙂  Matt is a great  friend and has done so much for me.  He’s worked his butt off for me (and he only has one butt) and I owe him a huge thank you.  Please feel free to post messages of wonderment and adulation for Matt…I know he’ll blush like the little booger he is.  LOL.

  2. Not bad. I don’t care for how it puts the first part of my email addy in the name section. I have to clear that out in order to put just “Liz” in there. Also, would it be possible to get an edit button so we can edit our comments if we think of something else to add?

    1. I’m still wrapping my head around all of the possibilities and tweaking some settings as we go.  I understand the question of privacy with the Email, I’m sure I can sort that out.  An edit button would actually be nice. I believe that functionality is built in.  I’ll look into these.  Thanks for the feedback Liz!

      1. You are very welcome! Just doing my part to help out. 🙂 And I have a twitter account, maybe I’ll use that to log in and post with now! Is there an option for linking Facebook to sign on with too? I’ll check that as well!

        Thanks a bunch!

        Found the FB login, now I’ll just use that! WOOOHOOO!

    2. Okay, so the editability of your post is built in but you must have an account registered with google, yahoo, twitter, disqus or any of the other options and log into that account to post and edit.  

      Basically it doesn’t allow a non-registered guest to post and then edit that post.  I would imagine this is just as a security measure because IP addresses can change and then how would you identify yourself as the one who made the post? 

      So if you would like to be able to edit your comments, sign up for a Disqus account (pretty quick and painless)  or log in with one of the other services and continue to use it to post comments.

      I hope that helps!

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