Happy Valentine’s Day, Mr. Scale!

I suppose he thought I was bluffing. 🙂

Mr. Scale is having an official time out now. I got on the scale and 360.0 was blinking at me. No weight loss for me today. No 350’s. No marbles to move. No little pink jewel.

I have two choices:

1. Throw my hands up and hit Starbucks for breakfast, followed by pizza for lunch…maybe ice cream for dinner.

2. Trust in the science of it all and know that as long as I keep eating right and exercising, Mr. Scale can’t be an asshole forever. Sooner or later, I win.

Since I’ve chosen option #1 many times in my past and I know where that road leads, what path are you think’in I’m gonna take?

Yep. Trust in the science of it all.

Logic is my friend. I just had my healthy breakfast and I’m going about my day with my head held high. Mr. Scale doesn’t rule over me. (Although I hope he enjoys his day…it can’t be too comfortable being shoved up against that table saw blade like that. Heheheh!)

Whatever you’re doing today, don’t give up on yourselves…you are worth all this trouble!

And so am I! 🙂

23 thoughts on “Happy Valentine’s Day, Mr. Scale!

  1. YOU are absolutely worth it! You’re an inspiration and we’ve all been brought together by your awesome writing ability and sense of humor. Days like these are when this saying is the best “It doesn’t matter how slow you go, just don’t stop.” We can do it! Happy Valentines Day!

  2. Also keep in mind you are probably losing inches. 🙂  You are doing a great job and have motivated me start again.  Happy Valentines Day!

    1. You’re right, Ashley – I should probably go measure myself again but I just haaaaate trying to get the damn tape around my four asses.  Hate it!

  3. You ARE rockin’ it, and don’t let Mr. Scales numbers tell you otherwise.  Just because you didn’t meet this one specific # goal that you set does not mean that you have failed.  Let it harden your resolve even more! (I don’t that’s easier typed than done)  But you DIDN’T give in to Starbucks…oh how we love a wonderful cup of coffee, sugar, & whipped cream.  NO!  You are sticking with it.  That’s SUCCESS!!!  Sometimes it’s so much harder to be SO CLOSE to something & it feels so far.  But you are not far.  Keep on eating right, keep on dancing, keep on walking.  Keep ON!   We are with you.  (do you see the pom-poms? do you hear the cheers?)
    Today, trust in the Science.  As we say frequently in our house “Age of the Geek, Baby!” =)

    1. I see the pom poms!  They look like shaggy zombies!!  🙂   I did really well today…people offering chocolate and cupcakes all day and I dodged it all.  That effing scale WILL budge!

  4. I just love your thought process.  I have often acted on choice #1 but never thought of it like that.  
    Good luck next week showing Mr. Scale who is boss 🙂

    1. Thanks, Bonnie!  I’ll probably drag his lousy ass in the house again tomorrow morning and try it again…I am going to win this!

  5. The scale didn’t move for me today either….sigh…. you are right though, the scale doesn’t rule me!! In the end, I will rule the scale! Biiiioootch!

    1. Yes you will, Karbare!  How did you do today?  I resisted all kinds of chocolate and baked goods at work and I’m relieved that it’s more automatic to me to say no and feel GOOD about it…than to say no and feel deprived.

  6. I actually laughed out loud at the picture because I have felt like doing that so many times!!! I’m actually going to print the pic and show it to my scale and give him the warning that this could happen to you at anytime!!!!
    My scale actually showed a slight gain this morning but that’s ok because my dress pants are fitting better so I know I am doing something right!!
    Hoep you have an awesome day!!! Happy Valentine’s Day!!

    1. You GO, girl!  You scare that scale out of it’s power trip!!  You’re looking at this exactly the right way – and you’ll probably have to remind me of this when the pants thing happens to me when the scale goes up a little.  LOL.  Congrats!

  7. Mr. Scale gets no love from me today either.  Maybe I should have a talking with mine. Or you know drop it off the back deck.  lol.

  8. Pleeease really give him a time out.
    Stuff Mr. Scale in the closet.
    Leave him in there until March 14th.
    My clothes are my best scale-and really? I do not care how many pounds I weigh when I need new clothes.
    How can I brag about my new weight of 250 and less, if nobody in my life has ever known what I weighed-much less that  I had been above 325?
    I was a 5X/6X shirts and pants of W28 and that was known. I reached 2X and W18 before I started my forced maintenance plataeu for this winter. Soon I go back on active loss activities.
    My scale still doesn’t care.

    1. Good job, Debbie!  I really do LIKE my scale, though, I just enjoy abusing him when he doesn’t acknowledge me.  🙂  I’m bringing him back in the house tomorrow morning…I enjoy looking at that number…it helps me keep myself in check.  🙂

      Congratulations on your success!

    1. Hey, Tara, I hear ya!  I am so happy I resisted today.  I know 359 is happening this week and if I had caved, it just would have made it harder.  Go #2!!!  Oh, wait, that sounds gross doesn’t it….  🙂

  9. Dear Principesa Dianne.  First off, LOVELOVELOVE your blog.  I can really relate to a lot of the shit you say.  It sounds like me a bit, except I was never a cool dancing chick when I was kid like you were.  Anyway, while I applaud your “scaling it” on a regular basis please know that your body weight can fluctuate quite a bit on a daily basis for a variety of reasons having nothing to do with your calorie intake.  That said, my old boss (a nutritional epidemiologist) said it was a good idea to get on the scale everyday anyway, but for an excellent, life affirming reason.  If we stipulate that our weight fluctuates pretty much everyday, if we only get on the scale say, once a week or 2 or 3 times a week — what if its on one of the BAD DAYS?  What if you miss one of the days when your weight is fluctuating DOWNWARD?  That would suck.  So, as long as the scale keeps moving downward on a WEEKLY basis you’re in good shape.  It’s the overall trajectory that you’re looking for.  If anything, I think it’s kind of interesting how all these weird unknowable factors affect our weight on any given day.  Like the nuns used to tell us in catechism class — ITS A MYSTERY.

    1. Hey there, Miss Molly!  🙂  I hear ya…but I really am kidding a lot of time…I’m not suffering from an unhealthy obsession with the scale, I promise.  I’m just enthusiastic.  🙂  And I totally agree with getting on the scale more than once a week.  I don’t get SERIOUSLY pissy if the scale goes up a bit…but I do like to keep an eye on things.  Plus I just like intimidating the bastard.  🙂

  10. I seem to hit a wall every 10 pounds.  I will stop dead at 276, 266, 256 even go back up a few every other day, and then, as I boost my protein intake and lay into a few more sit ups and a few more feet walking each day that wall seems to bust down with a vengance….then I hit the next wall….sigh.  But I have been at it now for five months and four walls later here I am half way to goal in only a quarter of the time I set for my goal!

    1. You are rock’in it, Stephen!!!  And I mean that in a non-turbo-insanity kinda way.  🙂  You’re amazing!

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