It’s marble time!

This post is going to be uncharacteristically short!  So much to do today and I have to get moving, but I did want to tell y’all that I lost 3 marbles today.  🙂

That’s right – I’ve lost 3 more pounds in the last 2 weeks.  Yay!!!  I joyfully moved 3 marbles over to the “Pounds Lost” jar.  My weight is now 364.  Five more pounds and I’m in the 350’s.  Let’s go!!!

I have to get my day started now, but I will be back tonight with another post I’ve been working on…one that I’m betting y’all can relate to on one level or another.

If you’ve been moving marbles this week, I’d love to hear how you’re doing!  Tell me!!


26 thoughts on “It’s marble time!

  1. I moved 1.2 marbles!!!! for a total of 3.8 in the last two weeks!  Thanks for sharing your journey!!!

    1. Thanks, Jessica!  I did get quite the cheap thrill when I plunked those suckers in the “Pounds Lost” jar.  LOL

  2. Woot, Woot!  You go, girl!  SO PROUD.  Keep it up.  I am working on my very own Motivation Marbles.  It will be a little less ‘pink’ than yours. hehe. I am ZombieMom, after all.  I’ve got a house full of geek boys (the terms ‘Nerd’ & ‘Geek’ are high praise in our household) and I’ve got to make my project live up to it.  =)  But I figure you are are putting yourself out there, all guts & glory, some of us can too! 
    Again…YOU ROCK!!!!

    1. ZombieMom!!!  🙂  Thank you so much…I can’t wait to see your jars…promise me you’ll post pictures on the Motivation Marbles tab??

  3. Well first things first…I saw you on piterest and was so moved by your storiers and love your personality…lol I have about 60 pounds to lose..soo I joined the gym today…I’m going to try and fix my marble jars this weekend..I have been so motivated by you…can wait to get started..we’ll see how it goes..

    1. Hi, T!  I’m so excited for you…good job!  Thank you so much for your kind words…we can all cheer for each other here.  🙂

  4. I just want to say… I found your blog through pinterest. I am so glad i read the post because I LOVE the pink ones for 10 lbs lost and the big jewel for goal weight. 

    I have read a few posts and I completely identify with you. I have about 60-70 lbs to lose, but I struggle with each one of those same demons. I know i will be well over 300 lbs and keep going if i don’t lock up my sugar and overeating. 

    I really appreciate your blog, i have been struggling lately, and this only helps. Knowing there are others out there who can’t just have one cookie. or whatever. Thank you. 

    1. Hi Kaitlyn!  Thank you so much  🙂  It always motivates me to hear that I’ve got sisters out there who can identify with this struggle.  And I know you understand me…because I can’t have just one cookie or whatever either…they talk to me from inside the pantry.  LOL

  5. soo i found your picture on pinterest a nd was wondering to start my own do you put in 1 marble for every pound or how do you seperate then and by what

    1. Hi Valerie –

      I did put in 1 marble for every pound…PLUS a small pink jewel for every set of 10 pounds…and the giant pink jewel for my goal weight.  All the marbles started in the “Pounds to go” jar.  As I lose weight, I pick the marbles out of the “Pounds to go” jar and drop them into the “Pounds Lost” jar.  This is usually followed by a very ridiculous looking happy dance that makes my cat Caesar run under the bed.  🙂

        1. Hi Valerie –

          Nope.  The loose marbles stay in the “Pounds Lost” side once I’ve lost them.  The little pink jewels are IN ADDITION…like a little bonus.  And they’re not exactly for every 10 lbs…they’re for every time I drop down to the “next set of tens”.  For example, as of this morning I weigh 361.  When I hit 359 I get a pink jewel because I’m in the 350’s.  And when I hit 349 I’ll get another one because I’m in the 340’s.  🙂

  6. You are such an inspiration! I was reading your blog and loving it and I told my friend to read it too. Both of us are trying to lose weight for her wedding in May. We both started our weight loss jars today!! So far I have 14 marbles in my lbs lost jar and she has 13! We are so excited about this! I even made mine with gold letters and clear and gold marbles to match my room. I love having a pretty reminder of my weight loss! We love love it!!

    1. Thanks, Leslie!  I love the marbles you sent in last night!!  Nice job!  You guys are kicking some serious marble butt!!  🙂

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