Happy National Potato Chip Day

Hey y’all!

Tomorrow…Wednesday, March 14th, is National Potato Chip Day. ¬†ūüôā

It looks to me like this holiday was conjured up by the corporations that bring you highly processed, super fatty snacky chips…which we’ve all enjoyed at some point in our lives, right? ¬†I certainly have!

Potato chips were one of the vices that I didn’t want to completely do without, so I set about trying to find a healthier way to enjoy them. ¬†I never thought I would find the answer in my microwave, but I did. ¬†Baked potato chips always came out squishy and chewy in the oven. ¬†Oil would have to be involved on the stove top. ¬†So my last ditch effort was the microwave…and it paid off.

I now make crispy, crunch potato chips in my microwave whenever I want…and I can make any flavor I want. ¬†In celebration of National Potato Chip Day, I’d like to share a couple of my seasoning tricks with you.

The recipe for making these chips is already posted here on the blog on the “Recipes” tab – click here to find it. ¬†Simply substitute these seasoning blends for salt and you’ve got a completely different chip!

Rosemary Garlic Chips

Light sprinkle equal amounts of dried rosemary, garlic powder, and fine ground sea salt across your chips before putting them in the microwave.

Garlic & Onion Chips

Lightly sprinkle equal amounts of garlic and onion powder over chips.  Top with fine ground sea salt and put in microwave

Bleu Cheese Garlic Chips

Lightly sprinkle equal amounts of garlic powder and fine ground sea salt on chips, then crisp up in microwave. ¬†Immediately remove warm crispy chips from microwave and place on serving dish. ¬†Sprinkle 3 – 4 table spoons of crumbled bleu cheese across chips. ¬†(You can also crisp up 2 slices of bacon, crumble it, and dump that on top as well…but you’ll spend a longer time on the treadmill if you do it!)

I fully intend on posting some pictures of these for you at a later time, but with my thumb bandaged up from the knife incident yesterday I was a bit skittish about being near any cutting devices today.  LOL.

You absolutely can have tasty, crispy potato chips without any oil. ¬†All you’re getting are the calories from the actual potato. ¬†And one potato makes a crap load of chips, my peeps. ¬†Crunchy, yummy goodness!

Once you’re done making your chips, grab a single serving size of non-fat, plain Greek yogurt from the fridge and a packet of your favorite dip mix. ¬†Mix in just enough and you’ve got a super healthy alternative to chips and dip that won’t take it’s vengeance on your hips. ¬†ūüôā ¬† You’re welcome!

You don’t need to guzzle the processed crap coming from the chip manufacturers, trust me. ¬†These are just as tasty and infinitely more healthy. ¬†Give it a shot. ¬†In honor of National Potato Chip Day…live a little. ¬†ūüôā

4 thoughts on “Happy National Potato Chip Day

    1. I bought my first mandolin slicer at Bed Bath & Beyond with one of those wonderful 20% off coupons…but be careful.¬† The less you spend on those things, the few safety features they have…and I sliced my fingertip off!¬† (Perhaps the powers that be are trying to tell me to stay away from carbs…)

  1. wonder if this would work with Sweet Potatoes?¬† I have some that I need to use…will give it a try! Thanks!

    1. Jillian –¬† It should work on sweet potatoes!¬† I created this recipe about a year before I started selling Pampered Chef…so I used parchment paper instead of their chip mater (the chip maker didn’t even exist then).¬† Now they have a chip maker, which I use because it saves me from having to buy parchment paper over & over…but nothing in the process of making the chips changed, so I’m fairly confident that you should be able to do this with sweet potatoes.¬† I’m thinking if their chip makers works with russets AND sweets, then parchment should too…right?¬† Let me know how they turn out!¬†

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