Scale Day

My first scale non-victory today…I didn’t hit my goal of 349.

I kind of felt like that would be the case after waiting a week and a half for my new walking shoes to come in, immediately followed by a visit from the 7 Dwarfs of the Apocalypse.  I know exactly what I need: another 7 Days of Sanity to kick off the next leg of my Battle of the Butt.

After the 7 Dwarfs of the Apocalypse departed on Monday, I got on the scale and it was hanging faithfully at 354 – so I felt good that all the water gain was gone. And this morning the scale is reading 351.  3 pounds is not a bad haul for 6 days!

I’m confident that I’ll be able to get to 349 by next week now that I’m working out again.  And I’m going to have to push it a little extra hard in April if I’m going to make 339 by the end of the month.  Those are my goals for the next month.  Pretty big goals!

You know what this means, right?  The first leg of 7 Days of Sanity starts TOMORROW!  Who’s with me?

From Sunday, April 1 to Saturday, April 7 I will workout every single day for 30 minutes…and rest on the 8th.  Then I’ll pick it up again…and so on.  I will get there – and I’m sure it’ll be sooner than later.

There is a tiny little voice in my head right now that’s trying to beat me up for not hitting 349…and I just keep telling her to shut the hell up.  If I listen to that voice, I’ll start giving up.  Failure won’t be far behind.  From the moment I started this, my plan of attack has always been to handle self-doubt, set backs, and self-loathing by running full steam ahead towards my goal.  Years of drowning my sorrows in Little Debbies and pizza have shown me that the road behind me leads to nothing but pain and embarrassment.

Feel like a failure or not, it’s up to me.  I’m not a failure.  30 pounds lost in 3 1/2 months is effing bad ass.  🙂  349 will be mine soon enough.

Tomorrow I wake up and start the sanity.  I also think I’m ready to try working out in the mornings again.  For a time, I was too grumpy in the mornings…but now I think it might be good to start my mornings with something extremely positive…so I’m going to try that again.  After all, what the hell do I have to be grumpy about?



I’ll tell you what:  it felt really good to move some marbles this morning.  Really good.


The Power of Positive Thinking

10 thoughts on “Scale Day

  1. 3 more pounds are history! Yay! Another plus…those pants that you’re having to pull up continuously 🙂
    You may have already talked about this, but do you measure inches lost also? I never think about doing it and I think I’m going to buy a tape measure today and start. I heard inches sometimes disappear without you realizing it also! Count me in for some of that!

  2.  Congrats!!!  3 pounds is an amazing number!!!  That was my goal today was to lose 3 pounds.. I only lost 1.2.  BUT.. it’s another Marble!!!  I have to remember and you will too.. that with all the exercising we have done.. that we are gaining some muscle and sometimes have sore water packed muscles and that maybe next week it will be gone.  Sounds like you have found some energy with all of your success… You are an inspiration to so many of us followers… Keep up the great work!!!  BTW… I measured myself for the first time March 10th and then again today… 5.5 inches GONE…  Sometimes we dont see the numbers on the scale, but when our clothes are falling off… its a good thing!  “Weigh” to go!!!

  3. Goals are so important. They are what drive us towards the win, but to say you weren’t victorious is crazy/loco. Every time the scale number moves in a downward direction you are victorious.  It’s sort of like saying “I only won the game by 1 point”         Girl…You won the game! 

    The long term goal is what you are reaching for. Better overall health and fitness. Those pounds didn’t arrive on your asses overnight – and they ain’t going to leave without a fight.   

    You are doing great. You gave up sugar and diet soda. You may not have walked on the treadmill as often as you hoped, but you were doing it more often then you were just a couple of months ago.  Just keep going.  We are all cheering you on and you will continue to be VICTORIOUS.

  4.  You have motivated me to join your 7 Days of Sanity!! My old chubby body may think unkindly of you, but the new body I’m working towards will thank you for being such an inspiration!!

    1. Glad to see you joining, Michelle! 🙂 I’ll check out your blog, too!

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