7 Days of Sanity is DONE! Happy Easter!!

Hey, y’all!

Day 7 is done and today is REST DAY!  (Or it was…I know this is coming late!)

I did 6 of 7 days of insanity, losing 1 day on Wednesday when I had a migraine and was in a stupor.  How did you do?

I meant what I said when I declared that I was going to pick this right back up again tomorrow.  Seven more days of sanity starts tomorrow for me.  I absolutely need to make consistent exercise a habit – and it’s going to require the same persistence I applied to getting my eating habits in line.

I’m going to move the tracking of 7 Days of Sanity over to my Facebook Fan Page, however, as it’s just not possible for me to update the blog every single day (and those of you who subscribe by email will probably be thankful I’m not spamming your email every day with Sanity updates, right!)  If you’d like to join the challenge, I’m going to try using Facebook events and see how well that works.  Then you can share with friends and, hopefully, we’ll all help motivate each other to start healthy habits.

This is a short post today, as it’s Easter (which means in the Hot Mess Household that the hubby sleeps on his ass all day and I clean everything myself…don’t get me started).  I’ll be back tomorrow to share one of my big motivators with you.

Speaking of motivating…I moved another marble this morning.  33 pounds and counting.

339 by the end of the month…I’ve got this.

Happy Easter!!!

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