It’s a Hot Mess Bling-a-Ling Raffle!


Here’s your chance to win something shiny just for a couple of mouse clicks.  Listen up:

Jewelry designer & Hot Mess Princess fan Emily Parson would like to raffle off one of her sparkly creations as a special treat to Hot Mess Princess fans.  This adorable owl pendant can be yours!

Here’s how to enter:

1. Head on over to Emily’s Facebook page  for her jewelry designs and LIKE her page. While you’re there, have a look at her fabulous creations.

2. Come back here to my blog and post a comment telling Emily which of her designs was your favorite.

That’s it!   Complete these steps by the deadline:  6 am CST on Wednesday, April 18th.  The winner will be chosen via and announced here on the blog by 6 pm CST the same day.

The lucky winner will need to contact Emily with their name and shipping address (sorry, but shipping is limited to the United States only for this raffle).  The pendant will be shipped within 3 business days after the winner contacts Emily.

Please feel free to share this post with any of your friends who would love a chance to win a little something sparkly!

Thank you, Emily, for raffling off such a cool, unique piece to Hot Mess Princess readers!!

51 thoughts on “It’s a Hot Mess Bling-a-Ling Raffle!

  1. I love the grandma charm braclet and I absolutely love, love the Faith, Hope and Love charm necklace.

  2. Hard to pick just one but I do LOVE the Faith, Hope and Love charm necklace.

  3. WOW Emily… you have very beautiful work!!!  So much to choose from to finding my favorite piece!  I have to say the  Purple & Zebra beads with a pretty cross covered in rhinestones and earrings to match was my favorite!  But If I Might add… the Faith, Hope and Love charm necklace is also my 2nd favorite with Confirmation coming soon I thought I think it would be a great gift.  Ive done jewelery in the past and love to make it but with 3 kids involved in sports it takes up my time.  Keep up the great work!

  4. There were a number of pieces that caught my eye, but the Songbird piece was my favorite (followed very close by an owl of a different color!)  Great work!

  5. I liked several of her pieces.  Some of my favs: The custom apothecary pendent, the blue, yellow, green Jeweled Keychain, and the flip flop set =)

  6. Very cool! Emily definitely makes some unique and pretty jewelry. I would have to say my two favorites were the Time Flies charm necklace and the Night Owl charm necklace. So adorable!

  7. I love the night owl charm necklace, I love to stay up late and read, I often miss massive amounts of sleep, because I can’t put a good book down!  I love owls, my aunt used to collect them years ago, and I love that they are back!

  8. I LOVE the Romeo & Juliet necklace, its adorable! The Night Owl necklace is beautiful as well. I will for sure spread the word about her page. Very nice work!

  9. I love the
    Night owl charm necklace too!! She makes some really pretty pieces! This is the last sight I needed to see 😉 My gramma used to love owls, so whenever I see them, the remind me of her! <3

  10. I like all of her stuff…..but ican’t believe you are cutting me out of entering…..ROFL Its beautiful and you are both so kind to share >(

    1. Jacquie, don’t you have family in the US?  I thought you told me that once.  🙂 

  11. I think I liked the neclace pictured on here the best. we have a woodland/owl theme going in our nursery so that is where I am headed with everything lately!

  12. Love the purple and zebra beads with the blinged-out cross!  Other favs…fairy blue chandelier pendant and the song bird necklace – so sweet.  The Not-So-Anthropologie necklace was darling too – made me smile.  🙂

  13. I love, love, love the heart key necklace in the already sold album (bummer), but the owl one is really cute too!!

  14. Wow! I liked a lot of the pieces and it was hard to choose a favorite. I really liked the “Night Owl necklace” and the “Owl charm bracelet”…guess I have something for owls. 

  15. I love the “Cute set for the summer! Flip flops and bright, pretty stones!”.  so cute!

  16. I think like the singing bird with notes. I love all things with Birds!!! Like to represent my name I guess lol!!! Robin

  17. It’s hard for me to pick just one favorite! I love the owl in the picture with this post but I also love the blinged out baby owl in the sold album and the night owl and the owl of a different color in the for sale album!!! All this jewelry is beautiful!

  18. They were all really beautiful!!! But I think my farvorites are the the Love and Butterfly charm necklaces. Really girly and can be worn with anything 🙂 Have a great day and keep smiling

  19. Great contest Dianne and Emily!!!  I love the Night Owl Charm Necklace.  You have some beautiful creations.

  20. I immediately fell in <3 with the Not-So-Anthropologie Charm Collage Necklace!

  21. I like the keychain with turquoise and pink beads. Also I like the love charm necklace.

  22. I likes several but I have to say that the Night Owl Charm Necklace and the Star Necklace are my favorite.

  23. There were some great pieces but my favorite would have to be the Song Bird necklace.

  24. There are three that speak to me; the night owl, tick tock, and time flies. I like the composition of night owl, and I am also a night owl 😉 . Tick tock and time flies both mean the same to me – we have to cherish every day and do the best we can with what we’ve been given. 🙂 
    Wonderful stuff!! 

  25. I like the tick tock, faith love and hope and I like the bookmarks as I am an avid book reader.  I have a nook, but I still revert to a good ole book to hold in my hand every now and then 🙂

  26. All the jewelry is awesome but I especially love the night owl charm necklace. Very Cute!

  27. There are so many amazing pieces it was difficult for me to narrow it down.  I love all of the owl ones but I would have to say that my favorite piece would have to be the Papa Keyring.  It reminds me of my own dad 🙂

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