Grinding Up a Mountain Highway in a Tiny Little Smart Car

Hey y’all!

Last week, the forces of good fortune were conspiring against me and I had no idea.  I’m sorry, that’s not entirely right.  The forces of health care were conspiring against me. 

Quite a few years ago, I had to have major surgery that resulted in me having to take medication for the rest of my life.  Not taking the medication daily can result in my pre-cancerous condition returning.  It can also have a negative effect on my metabolism.  Great!

Needless to say, I’m pretty good at making sure I take my meds every single day.  When it was time for a refill, I called my doctor’s office last week and requested one.  There was plenty of time for them to call it in before I needed it.  Well, they failed.  I called and followed up with them on Friday, calling attention to the fact that they never called it in…and they never called me back.  As a result, I went 5 days without my medication.

My progress on the scale has predictably stalled.  In fact, this morning I woke up, went to the bathroom, got on the scale…no change.  I watched the news for a while, went to the bathroom again, and the scale went UP a pound.  UP?  How is that even possible?  Because it’s me, that’s why.  Sheesh!


I feel like I’m trying to chug my way up a steep mountain highway in a tiny little Smart car.  Putt putt putt putt….stall.

This morning, as I was flipping a rude gesture at Mr Scale and walking away, I realized that it might be time to put him away for a few days.  I’m normally a big fan of weighing in every day or I start bargaining with myself (which opens the door to cheating for me).  I’m not going to put Mr. Scale on the table saw again since this isn’t his fault, but I am going to move him from his usual position on my bathroom tile.  I think he’s due for a vacation…perhaps in my closet next to the cozy pink bed that is a favorite napping spot for Sarah the cat, ruler of the Hot Mess Household and Official Bitch Slapper of Dyson the puppy. 

I know that if I just wait this out, things will go back to normal.  I’m back on my meds now.  It’ll take about a week for things to sync back up again (I speak from experience).  I’m not tempted to eat anything bad or derail myself in anyway, I just hate the lack of forward motion.  I’m frustrated by it.  I want to fix it.  Unfortunately, the only thing that will fix this is patience…and I’m not very patient when it comes to losing weight.  It’s a miracle I’m still sane.  Writing this blog really helps.  🙂

I go back to it again:  I have two choices.  The first choice available to me is to stay put and have faith.  Weather the storm and be true to what I know in my head and my heart is fact:  if I eat healthy and exercise, the scale will move.  The second choice available to me is to turn around and go back to the “security” of an old, comfortable life.  Eating for comfort.  Sitting on the couch all day.  Grabbing a candy bar or three during a stressful day at work.  Eating a pint of mint chip ice cream while watching tv.  Mentally zoning out of my own life.

It makes me proud to say that, although there are truly two choices here, there is only one choice for me…and that is to stay stuck on this road for a while longer.  Soon my meds will kick in and my system will reboot and all will be as it once was.

Until then, I need a plan.  I always feel more in control when I have a plan.  Here it is:

Mr. Scale is on vacation until Sunday.

Dinner will be a lovely chalk-olate protein shake tonight and tomorrow.

Everything else is business as usual.  By the time Mr. Scale gets back from vacation, he’ll be rested…and my system will be reset and running normal again. 

Until then, you know I love to laugh…

I saw this old fitness pic this morning and I couldn’t stop laughing.  Obviously, this chick is beyond delighted to be able to throw her leg up in the air like that (who wouldn’t)…but what the hell kind of fitness craze was going on here?  She looks absolutely delighted, but he looks like he’s doing some kind of va-jay-jay Tae Bo.  I don’t care how many calories it burns, that shit ain’t worth it.

Not cool, dude.  Not cool.




















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6 thoughts on “Grinding Up a Mountain Highway in a Tiny Little Smart Car

  1. First of all, I LOVE that necklace and have placed it in my Amazon cart.  My boys don’t know it, but they are buying it for me for Mother’s Day!  🙂 

    Second, THANK YOU so much for your honesty, always.  I needed this post today.  I was up 2 LBS on the scale Tuesday DESPITE my ROCK STAR weekend.  The first weekend, maybe EVER, that I have been so good.  It really threw me into a tizzy and I got into BAD things yesterday.  It was a crazy eating frenzy and I was so pissed at myself.  This morning, I too accepted that I have 2 choices.  Be an adult and deal with it or be a child and pout.  I chose option 1 and told myself I will weigh again on Sunday morning.  To get your post was literally amazing to me, validating, encouraging…all those things.  Your support over the weekend was just the best and was so proud of myself and then…the scale.  WTH????  Gotta keep moving forward, I just wish it wasn’t always so hard…

    1. I love it too!  Be sure you buy it today, as it’s a one day sale.  LOL

      I feel your pain, Monica.  I hate it when frustration tests my patience – but you know what?  If this was easy, we wouldn’t appreciate it in the long run. 

      We are earning our success right now.  If we act like pouty bitches, we earn our failure.  Let’s kick this in the ass!

  2. I don’t care what Mr Scale says. I have seen what Mr Picture says, and I bet Mr Tape Measure would be a little more cooperative!

    And that guy is gonna punch that chick in the cooch!

  3. OK….I’m flipping ticked at your doctor.  It’s one thing not to call in someone’s pain med or anti-itch cream or whatever.  But, to me, *this* is outrageous.  I don’t know if this med is something they could allow refills on and let YOU call it in to the pharmacy?  I would find out who dropped the ball and let them (or their boss) know that this is unacceptable, goes against the hypocratic oath to “do no harm” and you would like to know what their game plan is to prevent this from happening again?   Sorry. I’m off my soapbox, but this ball droppinng happens too often in healthcare.

    1. Hi Joy  🙂  I think it’s the nurse, actually.  This is the 3rd time she’s screwed up – although the first 2 times were just Ambien and not the important meds.  I absolutely intend to call the office and complain, it’s just been a busy week.  I don’t complain easily but this really pissed me off too, sister!

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