The Store is OPEN!

Hey y’all!

Another light and fluffy post for the weekend before we get into the aforementioned “My Way or the Highway” post.

It’s time for a fun announcement:  you are all invited to shop for bling and swag in the first official Hot Mess Princess SWAG Shop!!

For about two months, we’ve been having a chat over on my Facebook fan page about how fun it would be to have t-shirts and such. Well, I’ve been toiling away at it while trying to do a million other things in my Hot Mess world. After spending all day on it yesterday, I’m finally able to say…the shop is ready! We have t-shirts, gym bags, water bottles, and more!!

There are a few sites out there that let you put your art and logos on their items and ship them out…it was fun to shop around for just the right place. I finally decided on – in fact, the decision was pretty easy…because they had the widest range of products AND they had plus sized shirts. Many other sites didn’t have plus sized shirts (apparently we chubbies aren’t supposed to dig the hip stuff…oops!)

I will gradually add more items and more art as we go along. For now, there’s a pretty nice selection of items available – and if there’s anything you want that you’d rather have in another color or something, please feel free to either message me here (use the Contact Me tab above) or privately message me on my Facebook fan page and I’ll do my best to get the item up in the shop for you. The hardest parts are over for me, thankfully!

Cafe Press uses different transfer techniques for different items. Click here to learn about their different transfer techniques.

When shopping for apparel, please make sure to pick the right size by using the Cafe Press size chart. For example, I’m a size 28…but I had to buy the size 32/34 t-shirt…so be sure to check the size chart before ordering! Click here to see the size chart now.

Also, please follow the care instructions on Cafe Press for apparel:


Apparel (includes t-shirts, sweatshirts and baby items)

You might notice that new apparel products feel stiff. Don’t worry, they will soften after the first wash. We suggest:

Wash in cold water

Tumble-dry with low heat
If necessary, warm iron inside out

Please also note that the printing process is different if you’re ordering a t-shirt or a journal. If you’d like to learn more about the printing processes used, please click this link.

Here’s the design I put on the black t-shirts (available in blue or pink):















That’s enough technical mumbo-jumbo, I think. I really hope you like these items…I had fun putting them together. And I had fun shopping!

Yes, I’ve already shopped in my own store. 🙂  So if you live in the DFW area and you see me troll’in around town with my Hot Mess Princess bumper sticker, y’all better honk & wave!  I may not hear you right away if I’m singing Adele at the top of my lungs, so be patient and don’t drive all crazy.

In the next few days, I hope to have a permanent widget installed here on the blog so that you can click through and shop in the store.  Until then, please click here to shop in the new Hot Mess Princess SWAG store!

The best part about all this is that when I have a raffle, I can throw in some of this stuff as well. Yay!!!

I’ll be back tomorrow…and we’ll talk about that whole “My Way or the Highway” thing I keep teasing you with.  🙂

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