Just Rewards

I’ve been at it again.  I’ve been busy at work making Big Fat Crafts!  Woohoo!!!

Remember Motivation Marbles? They’re great for keeping track of “the big picture” with my weight loss goals.  If I’m having a day that more craptastic than fantastic, just glancing at the “Pounds Lost” jar and seeing all those marbles (one for every pound) instantly makes me feel like a fat fight’in superstar.  I love taking marbles from the “Pounds to Go” jar and plinking them into the “Pounds Lost” jar almost as much as I love watching the numbers on the scale go down…down…down.

As much fun as that is for me (and for all of you who have created your own marble projects), I’ve been thinking lately that a little motivation of the more immediate kind might make things more interesting in the short term.  If you have a lot of weight to lose like me, it can be a real pain in the booty to stay focused and motivated.  I don’t know about you, but I need all the help I can get.

To help keep things interesting, I’ve decided to buy myself a lil sump’in sump’in for every 50 pounds I lose – and this new craft project is the perfect way for me to make sure I get my just rewards.  Now I can see the reward and save for it at the same time.  Check it out:



















I turned a shadow box into a savings bank with a twist!

This project is three of my favorite things:  fun, easy, and quick.  Here’s what you need to get your Just Rewards:

*  a shadow box of your choice

*  colored scrapbook paper or fabric

*  blingy alphabet stickers

*  a small power tool like a Dremmel…or a drill (this part is optional…read on)

*  a photo of the reward you’re saving for

I’m within weeks of hitting my first 50 pound weight loss (go, me!) and I’ve decided that I’m going to reward myself with a new Guess watch.  Those of you who’ve read this blog for a while and know me for the handbag ho that I am are probably shaking your heads in disbelief, right?  Would you believe there are no decent designer bags within my $150 budget?  None!

It’s okay, though, because I’m getting a little tired of yanking my phone out of my purse just to see what time it is.  I need a watch…and this one’s gorgeous!

A few tips:

*  I took a screenshot of the watch and printed it out at the photo kiosk at my neighborhood drug store.  My printer sucks…and this was cheaper than an ink refill!

*  I used tweezers to lightly place the blingy alphabet stickers. I didn’t press them against the glass until I was sure of the placement.

*  I used scrapbook paper for my background, but I’ll probably use fabric for my next one.  The paper kept slipping and it was hard to manipulate without creasing.

*  I had the Hot Mess Hubby cut a piggy bank style slot in the top of the shadow box frame so I could use it like a bank.  I assumed he had some super cool tool in his “woodshop” that would do it, but I found out later he just used a regular drill and made hole after hole after hole.  Then he used a file to even it out.  (I didn’t even ask why that was the chosen method…I was just happy he got it done!).

*  If you don’t have the means to cut a piggy bank slot and you don’t know anyone who can, don’t worry – you can always just pop the back off and put your money in there.  The main benefit you’ll reap from this project is seeing your reward and the money you’re paying yourself to get it.  🙂

Since I have a hard time motivating myself to exercise, I pay myself $5 for every 30 minutes on the treadmill.  I keep my Just Rewards bank on the wall above the treadmill so I can see it while I walk.  It reminds me of the pretty little bling thing I’ve got coming my way if I just stick with it.

One of the things I really love is that I can change out the background and the picture for each 50 pound goal.  I’m just about to hit the first 50 pound loss mark, but remember:  I have to turn around and do it 3 more times…and then some.  Having an incremental reward like this adds extra motivation and fun – not to mention it gives me something else to look at besides the bland, still not decorated walls in my bedroom!

I’ve put some links at the bottom in case you decide to start your own Just Rewards project.  If you make one, I’d love to see it – so feel free to contact me and let me know how you did!

That’s it for this edition of Big Fat Crafts, kids…now it’s time for me to get moving.  I have 8 pounds to go before I hit that first 50 pound goal and then this Princess is gett’in a new watch!

What blingy things would you reward yourself with?

Main Street Décor Showdowbox Photo Frame, White

Crystal Stickers Crystal Alphabet-Clear

8 thoughts on “Just Rewards

  1. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this idea!! Good luck with those next 8 lbs, I know you will hit it soon…. Ps, that watch is HOT!

    1. Thanks so much, Terri! 🙂 You should see the one I wanted originally…they don’t sell it anymore, dang it!

  2. I have one similar, but much more low tech. It’s an old screw top, plastic peanuts container with a picture for the Disney Princess Half Marathon taped on it. Every time I complete a mile of training, I put a dollar in. I can have money to spend on the trip, at the expo etc…. May need to “fancy it up” a bit 😉

  3. Super cute ideas! If you haven’t tried it yet I suggest hooping for weight loss.
    I just got the ok to hoop dance at a local festival and give out flyers to educate people on the health and fitness benefits of hooping.
    I’m always trying to spread the hoop love. <3

  4. Great jumping unicorns, that is AWESOME! I must do this! the only thing is I want to reward myself with a theme park vacation at the end of my journey… that’s a long way off not to mention a lot of $. Other rewards I would love would be tattoos, also high dollar. oh wait, new Tarot cards! I’ve been oogling a Deviant Moon pack for a bit. or maybe clothes… oh man this is a GREAT project, I could just juggle jars of bear farts!

  5. This is a great idea, I’m going to Micheals to get all my supplies and going to print out my next purse/bag purchase! I’m so excited about trying to do this I’m going to pay myself $10 for each pound lost, $5 for working out, and $5 for eating within my calorie count from ‘myfitnesspal’… I hope to by the end of this project to be able to get a Michael Kors!! Whooray! Whoopie. This is awesome, plus I’m going to share this idea with my friends and zumba buddies!

    Thanks for sharing!!

  6. I LOVE this idea! Especially where you said you’ll pay yourself $5 for every 30 minutes on the treadmill…I have been trying to get back on my exercise bike, and think that is just the type of motivation I need too…but would have to remember to have cash on hand! LOL! I have motivation marbles for now, and that’s awesome…but to see something more instant is nice too. Once I hit my first 25 I am getting a charm necklace and will then get a new charm each 25 pounds I lose after that. Thanks for the fun post!

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