Halloween: I got this

Hey, y’all!

This is going to be ninja quick.  Things are absolute cray-cray at work right now and I’m struggling just to keep up with everything once I get home. But my war on the holidays?  I got this.

Here’s the skinny on how I’ve been doing:  10 wall push-ups every other day, a couple trips on the treadmill, and I LOST A POUND!!!

I laugh in the face of fun-sized evil!!

We had trick-or-treat day at work yesterday.  One of my co-workers (a total sweetheart with, of course, not an ounce of fat on her) shared her giant bag of chocolate evil with me 5 minutes before the kids started showing up.  (See, I’d told her about my food issues.)  You know that old saying…give a girl a blog and she’ll never shut the hell up.

The children of my fellow employees at the giant mega corporation I work for are eff’in adorable.  I met Bat Girl, several Ninja Turtles (are they popular again? wtf??), Iron Man, and several other awesome critters.  I even met Hermoine Grainger.  The absolute best were the 1 year old twin boys dressed as 1960’s astronauts.  So cute!

I passed out the chocolate without ever being seriously tempted to eat it…even when little Neil Armstrong tried to pass me a Twix bar. I’ve been walking around with a little swagger ever since…until I got home from work tonight and found this on the kitchen counter:

That’s right: Hot Mess Hubby went shopping today. WTF!


















Right in the middle of my war against holiday temptation, Hot Mess Hubby brings magically delicious into my house. WTF!

To be fair, after I called him and berated him with my opinion for 10 minutes, he didn’t realize that this was such a temptation for me. So we’ve agreed to compromise because, apparently, this is what married couples do.  I told him I’d just put a note on the box to remind myself that no good can come from me eating a bowl of it…

Only a total douche could eat a bowl…and I am not a total douche.



















In it to win it, kids.

In it to win it.

6 thoughts on “Halloween: I got this

  1. LOL!!!

    I don’t know if there’s a note scary enough to keep me away from my Lucky Charms. I never, ever buy them for just that reason.

    Good luck and STAY STRONG!

    1. Good plan, Carrie! That’s exactly what I do with my temptation foods!!! In this case, we never have cereal around except for my healthy stuff…and hubby felt like getting his own cereal. LOL.

  2. You can do this hun 🙂 Your plan is awesome AND YOU ARE STICKING TO IT….you hear me !! Or i may just have to come out there and kick your behind hahahahaha

    1. No worries, Jacquie…I got this! LOL. As long as Robert Downey Jr doesn’t show up with a bucket of buffalo wings…

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