Magically Delicious, My Ass!!!

Hey, y’all!

Well, I did it:  I resisted the sugary marshmallowy goodness that the Hot Mess Hubby brought into the house.  Take THAT, temptation!

Sometimes it’s easy, sometimes it’s hard…but you have to remember one thing: you’re worth it.  You really are.


This was an incredibly busy week for me at work and an even busier weekend.  Of note:  I was inducted into the Daughters of the American Revolution on Saturday.  It was an incredibly special moment for me, symbolizing the end of years of research.

Being the daughter of a highly decorated World War II veteran and the wife of a Marine Corps veteran, I have always wanted to be of service to our nation’s veterans. The Daughters of the American Revolution do a lot for our veterans – and I plan to honor my Dad’s memory by donating as much of my time as I can.  Now that I’ve proven that I’m directly descended from an American patriot who fought in the Revolutionary War, I can join my fellow Daughters in supporting our veterans through some amazing programs.

I also had a bitch of a migraine today, which isn’t good any day, but really put a cramper on my style today…because our new refrigerator was delivered and I desperately wanted to rejoice.  For the last 5 years, we’ve used a fridge that came with the house…and our freezer has always smelled like other people’s food.  Gross! Plus the ice maker and water didn’t work.  And it was so old the white plastic trim was yellow….EEEW!!!!  My new baby is much nicer, much cleaner, and just more awesome all around.  Now if only there was a switch inside the door that removed the calories from naughty foods.  Seriously, we can land a rover on Mars but…ugh!  Don’t get me started.

This is my little mini update today.  Sorry I don’t have more for ya, but I hope to this week.  This should be calming down.

How are you doing as we gear up for the holidays?

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