This is why I make lists…

So I was waffling between three different potential blog posts the other day and I decided to let everyone on my Facebook fan page vote on which topic they wanted to read about most.  Hands down, the winner was my audition for Biggest Loser 10.

Hot Mess Hubby and I had decided not to have Thanksgiving until this coming Thursday because his mother had to work and we’d just have to do it over anyway…which was perfect for me.  I had planned to spend the first two days of my holiday weekend doing some household projects that were long overdue, which would leave me the last two days for writing.  In fact, I had it all mapped out in an intricately planned schedule…broken down by day and time…lovingly placed in sheet protectors, lest I accidentally spray my carefully laid out plans with cleaner. I was serious, yo.











Of course, the odds that my weekend will be completely effed up are directly proportionate to the amount of time I spend on preparation…so I should have known my perfectly planned train was about to be derailed.  My first clue?  A turkey showed up in my freezer on Tuesday night.

Before I knew it, we had cranberries and taters and all the hubby’s favorites.  So I went from my carefully laid out plans of world domination and organization…to mashing potatoes and keeping an eye on the ass-turkey.  (We used a new marinade. It tasted like ass.  Long story.)

It threw my whole weekend off and, even though I accomplished a lot, I didn’t get caught up – and that includes writing.  You can blame the Hot Mess Hubby and his ass-turkey.  I do.

So I’m writing tonight to say that I’m working on the story of my audition for Biggest Loser 10…and I should have it done sometimes before Friday.  Obviously, I didn’t get on the show or I’d be a totally hot rich girl right now…running around in my spandex bike shorts and opening supermarkets and shit.  It’s still an entertaining story…so stay tuned.

See you soon.  🙂