My Good Day at Good Day Fox 4

As I mentioned in my last blog post, I experienced equal parts delight and horror when I was recently invited down to our local Fox News station.  As much as I would love to say that the invitation was because this blog rocks, it was actually because I enjoy commenting on the Facebook fan page for Good Day (that’s the name of the morning news show).  I was voted their “Facebook Friend of the Week”.

If you follow me on Facebook this doesn’t really come as a shock to you.  I once updated my Facebook status because I actually made it to the end of a tube of lip balm and I just had to share it with the world.  I’m only ever as far away as my smart phone.

I was totally onboard with getting a tour and meeting everyone, but being on the air?  Are you kidding?  Just the idea made me nearly pee in my plus sized pants.  I already have 3.5 butts…I didn’t need a tv camera adding any more.

Regardless, I know I’m my own worst enemy…and I did beat out other Facebook fans who would have loved to be on tv, so I didn’t think it would be very good karma to flake out.  Laughing in the face of my fears, I went.  I had a great time.

Patrick (aka Mr. Awesome) came out to meet me and introduced me to John, who would be giving me the first part of the tour.  John presented me with a bright yellow Fox 4 News coffee mug, which apparently also doubles as a homing beacon…because everywhere I went, staff and crew would cheer “Hey! Facebook Friend of the Week!!!”  Well played, Fox 4…well played.

From that point on, my visit was a bit surreal.  It was really fun to see the newsroom that I see every morning when I’m watching the news, traffic, and weather.  I met producers and crew members and field reporters alike.  Everyone was incredibly gracious and welcoming.  At no time did I hear anyone whisper “Tell Patrick we’re gonna need a bigger wide angle lens…”

I met Evan, our local weather dude who has an affinity for maroon blazers and colorful ties.  And then there’s Chip, the always multi-tasking traffic ninja who doesn’t seem to sleep.  He’s on the air when I get up and still on the air when I get home at the end of my work day.  Dude’s a machine of efficiency.

Chip doing traffic!















I got to see the control room (or “Out of Control Room” as we locals know it).  It was like NORAD in there.  I have no idea what I was looking at, but it was pretty cool!  I tried to take a picture, but I’m pretty sure it’s sort of magical in there…like Hogwarts or something.  None of my pictures came out.

Soon, John ushered me into the main studio and I got to meet the morning anchors, Tim & Lauren.  Talk about surreal!

OMG it’s Tim and Lauren!!

Understand, aside from Hot Mess Hubby, these are the first people I hear from everyday.  Before breakfast.  Before coffee.  Anyone who can keep me informed and make me laugh while I’m still wrestling off my Ambien coma deserves a medal.  Really.

Lauren is a regular Texas girl.  Very sweet, yet not annoyingly so…and completely lacking that wooden, fake persona that many news anchors have…which is nice in the mornings because who wants to start the day hurling sarcastic expletives at the tv.

Tim.  Well…Tim is a person that many folks in the DFW area apparently love to hate.  I love him.  He reports the news with just the right blend of snark and realism.  He actually refuses to say the Kardashian name on the air, which I think pretty much makes him a saint in the media world.  He is a total crack up – and that’s a huge compliment coming from me because this is one Princess who isn’t very princessy in the mornings.

Then it was time for my moment of truth…

Towards the end of the broadcast, Patrick shoved me into a chair and handcuffed me.  Seriously, I outweigh the guy buy about a thousand pounds but somehow he got the best of me.  He trapped me in some sort of Fox 4 headlock.  I sat there defenseless, nervously clutching my new mug as every drop of moisture evaporated from my mouth and throat.  Evan was waving at me off camera like a total sweetheart and I could barely smile back at him because I was so nervous.  I heard myself say “This is it…this is what happens right before you die.  Sheer terror.”

I’m pretty sure that isn’t what happens right before you die, but I was absolutely freaked.  Chip was smiling at me.  I don’t think I smiled back.  Hopefully he doesn’t think I’m some sort of traffic ninja snob because I’m eternally grateful for the number of times he’s rescued me from a bad commute.

Lauren said my name and thanked me for being there, pointing out the fact that I had my Good Day mug.  I vaguely remember holding my mug up for the camera and smiling nervously.  Honestly, I was just grateful that I got my nails done and my lip waxed the day before.  Nobody needs to look like Hagrid from Harry Potter on tv, right?  Well, except for Hagrid.

Chip, Tim, me, and Lauren on the set. Both Tim and Lauren graciously offered their chairs when it was picture time, but Tim’s was closer and I didn’t want to faint and land on Chip’s foot. As you can see, I still have a death grip on my mug.
















We stood around chatting for a while, which was great. I complimented Tim on his recent weight loss (20 pounds…you go, dude!) and congratulated Lauren on her wedding last year and her pregnancy.  The girl glows.  Seriously, I had a blast.  Especially after my 14 seconds of non-fame was behind me.  Once that was over with, I started to get the feeling back in my legs.  So.  Much.  Fun.

My new friends autographed my mug for me.  (Thanks for the Sharpie, Chip!)  How cool is that!  Patrick took me through the rest of the studio and answered a ton of questions.  They call it the nickel tour, but really it was worth about $49.95.  For sure.  I thoroughly enjoyed every minute.

I got through the rest of the day fairly confident that no one I know had seen me on tv.  No text messages…no Facebook messages…no posts from any of you saying “OMG I just saw you on tv!!!”   Of course, hubby knew…so I described every detail to him with much hand waiving and exaggeration.  It was a while before I could muster the courage to start up the DVR and see what I actually looked like on tv.

I’m not gonna lie…I think I looked awful and behaved like a dork.  Friends and blog fans all say it isn’t so and posted some incredibly kind, supportive comments.  I’m the first to admit that I am my own worst enemy, so I’m not going to argue with anyone.  It’s hard for me to graciously accept a compliment without rudely explaining in great detail why I am, in fact, unworthy of any kind of praise.  I’m working on that.

In fact, friends who know me well were more than surprised at my bashful, shy girl demeanor – because let’s face it:  even I don’t know where that shit comes from,  But I muscled through it!

Knowing that my mom would have a cow if I didn’t send her the video, I played the DVR recording on my tv and recorded it with the video camera on my phone.  It took every ounce of courage I possess to post the video on my Facebook fan page, but I did it.  I did it because I was afraid to do it…and that’s how I knew I had to.  Face the fear, peeps.  Face the fear.

The next morning, I watched the Good Day crew from my usual place on our living room couch while I ate breakfast and caught up on email and social media.  Just another morning in the Hot Mess household.

Big thanks to Patrick and all the peeps at Good Day who made my visit so great.  I love my mug.  Hot Mess Hubby has been informed that he’s not to use it to scoop ashes out of the smoker or dig holes in the garden.  (It would happen.  Trust me.)

Have you been wondering how it’s going with my new Fitbit? Read all about it in my next post!