15 Reasons I’m Awesome

No, I haven’t lost my mind. It’s Thursday – which means it’s time for Mama Kat’s awesome blog meme!!! Those of you who follow me on Facebook got to vote on which topic I would write about…and this is what you decided to do to me.

I don’t normally write things like this. I don’t even take compliments well…but here it goes. I’ll take the first few from those of you who posted on Facebook today.

1. I’ve got a small army of rescued fur persons in my house. I’m an awesome fur person mommy. Here are just a few  of my babies:

Bring it, Momma!
Bring it, Momma!










Kirby - small jpg
Snuggles with Momma are the best thing ever!














2. I bake for my co-workers…probably too much, but it helps my inner fat girl to make delicious and horribly unhealthy things. Obviously, I can’t eat them all – so I feed them to my co-workers, who think I’m awesome. (But actually, I’m not so awesome for feeding them horribly unhealthy things…but screw it!)

Double chocolate swirl bread. BOOM.
Double chocolate swirl bread. BOOM.













3. I am an awesome needleworker. I cross-stitch and I’m just getting back to embroidery. It’s therapeutic because it makes me focus…and because I can’t eat when my hands are busy.

The needlework project I've been trying to finish for years!
The needlework project I’ve been trying to finish for years!















4. I’m an eff’in cool auntie. My adult nieces and nephews have wonderful memories of me clowning around with them, having sleepovers, etc. The ones who are still growing up are lucky that their Aunt Di has still not grown up. I can blow any other adult out of the water with my ability to discuss which house at Hogwarts I would want to be sorted into…or cause a giggle fit while trying to convince them that my real name is Bumblefart but I made my mother change it when I started high school.

5. My eyes are awesome. I’ve always been complimented on my eyes. You can’t tell so much right now, but they’re big…and when I was younger they were deep brown. As I’ve gotten older, they’ve actually gone half green. Now the outer ring of my iris is brown and the inner ring is green – which I love because my father’s eyes were green. So now it’s like I have my parents with me all the time…every time I look in the mirror.

6. I’m funny. Sometimes I’m not half as funny as I think, but I am funny. I have my moments.

dyson kisses
Kisses for Mommy!


7. I put it all out there on this blog, don’t I? I’m awesome at it. I hope to show people that healthy normal weight loss is not a reality show on tv or swallowing miracle pills. It’s possible, but ya gotta work it!

8. I donated my hair to Locks of Love last week so that chronically ill children can have hair pieces. That made me feel awesome.

The hair is a lot longer than it looks…it’s all curly in this shot



















9. In my head, I carry a plethora of useless movie & tv trivia. My friends know this. I’m always the one they come running to me for the name of the actor who play Rocky’s trainer or to explain the ending from LOST.

10. I am the direct descendant of soldiers who fought in the Revolutionary War – which means that I am a member of The Daughters of the American Revolution. Awesome.

11. I have not yet murdered the Bag Boy from Hell. That’s saying something.

12. I have finally (with much guidance from Hot Mess Hubby) broken through and gotten back in touch with my creative side. In addition to writing my blog, I’m now writing fiction for the first time in 20 years!

13. I won’t let you talk shit about yourself. I won’t let you get discouraged. You come here to read and it’s like we’re all girlfriends, chatting over a cup o’ joe about our problems with weight loss. I don’t ever let you forget you’re special and you’re worthy. You are a little badass.

14. I had to get this one from the hubby: my personality is awesome. I’m bubbly, positive, and uplifting to be around. (He’s so cute, isn’t he?)

15. I also had to get this one from the hubby: My drive to never quit. I won’t ever quit again. I may slow down a little here and there, but I will never quit. Gotta love him for pointing that out to me. (I’m sure he also means I never quit nagging, but everyone knows pots go on the bottom rack of the dishwasher, damn it!!!)

And there you have it, my friends: 15 reasons why I’m awesome.

Now please comment below and tell me at least one of the reasons why you’re awesome!!! You can give me all 15 if you want to, or just a few…or one.

Brag to me…you deserve it.

21 thoughts on “15 Reasons I’m Awesome

  1. So glad we are ‘friends’! I look forward to reading your posts and blogs <3

  2. Well, I’m awesome because I’m funny, too. Sometimes I’m the only person who thinks so, but then again, I guess I’m the only one who HAS to think so. Also, I’d like to steal from you, in no particular order 1) your dog with the soulful eyes, your chocolate swirl bread 3) your idea for blocking double chins in pics. I also have many chins. Thanks for making me giggle this morning.

  3. Dianne, I feel so privileged to be friends with you! I’m SO happy we started talking while playing LOTRO and carried over our friendship to Facebook!

    Hmmm, how am I awesome? I’m a FIERCE knitter, will give any pattern a try no matter how difficult! Also, have a wicked sense of humor, sarcastic streak that is miles long and am loyal to my friends no matter what! Love you!

  4. HMP aka Bumblefart – you are a little beam of light in my day. You make me take some things like weight loss less seriously (although I need to really knuckle down on that big time)
    You ARE awesome (take that compliment and do what you will with it) I love that you and I have much in common (including the wicked multi chin affliction)
    Anyway, just wanted you to know that I do consider you a new girlfriend because you make me smile and feel less of a freak.

    1. KayKay, your comment made me smile all day today. LOL. I get an email on my phone whenever someone comments…and I saw this at work this morning and soooo appreciate it. 🙂 Big girlfriend hug for you!!!

  5. You are awesome! And, funny!! Way to go for never giving up, and fighting hard for the weight loss. I’m at it, too. I’ve lost 23 lbs so far, but my first big goal is 59. When I get there, I may decide to keep fighting to lose some more. I work out 7-10 times a week, and I count my calories on a phone app.

    1. Caroline, congrats on the 23 pounds dar’lin!!! You’re a little rock star!!!

  6. I also donated my hair to Locks of Love! It is the best feeling. I just got my certificate by email yesterday, and it made me feel the love all over again.
    Great list!

    1. Mama Melch, it IS a great feeling! I look forward to getting my certificate too…takes a long time to grow all that hair. 🙂

  7. 2. I love to bake, too, and my kids and husband eat the spoils. I mostly just stick to eating dough while I’m baking. 5. I’m glad you clarified how your eyes were half green, because my imagination was soaring. 6. I think I’m a hoot. Others might beg to differ. 7. I TOTALLY overshare in my blog. TOTALLY. 10. Me, too, except I’ve never offically joined the DAR. That seems very grown up, and I’m not ready for that. 15. Do men load the dishwasher wrong on purpose, so you won’t ask them to do it anymore?

  8. HMP – you are hilarious and make me smile everyday! Hell I even tell my coworkers about the things you say! And you’re very determined and that is an amazing attribute to have! I’ve recently decided to quit drinking soda, I’m on day 13 of not having any… People have said I’m crazy for quitting cold turkey and I can let myself slip up here and there, but I keep in mind everything you are doing as well as your friends and other readers! So I’ve told them to the hell with that! I’ve made it 13 days…. I can do it and WILL do it!

    As for why I’m awesome, I don’t know where to start! (Just kidding) I’ve given a home to two fur babies as well and now have cat trees all over and cat toys! And they each have their own harness and leash so we can go outside to play! I also dedicate my time to coaching Volleyball, I coach girls (and a few boys) ages 11-16, I love my players and enjoy all the the time I spend with them!

    Thanks again to you, giving us all a laugh and making us realize that we can do anything we put our minds too!

    1. Jackie T, that’s amazing!!! I don’t think I could have done the soda thing cold turkey…you’ve got balls of steel. In a good way!!! ♥

    1. I’d just like to say in front of everyone else that I didn’t pay Jade to say that. 🙂 LOL. Big booby hugs to you, buddy!

  9. You are awesome! Ok, one reason I’m awesome – if I make a commitment I give 100% no matter what and the end result is important to me. Work, personal life, volunteering, weightless journey… Full force or nothing at all!

  10. I was thinking about how great your list is…then I had to click over to the Bag Boy From Hell post. I am dying! Too funny.

  11. You are awesome! 🙂 Those chocolate thingymadoodles look amazing! Love the adorable haircut! Hey, is that a Wheaten Terrier giving you kisses? I have one who is such a kissing bandit!

    ‘I loved your list!

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