Decisions, Decisions

I’ve had a lot of decisions to make over the past ten days or so. The biggest one looming over me right now is whether to walk in the Buffalo Boogie 5K.

I’ve talked about it with the Hot Mess Hubby and I’ve talked about it with my podiatrist and the overwhelming evidence says that walking in this 5K, whether it’s in regular shoes or a shoe and this horrible soft cast, is an incredibly bad idea.

Similarly, I am not going to rent a wheelchair to let others push me down the route. For several reasons. First, because this was about me accomplishing something special…and I’m not doing that if someone else is pushing me and I’m sitting on my ass.  Second, this 5K is on a nature trail. A dirt trail. No way and I rolling a wheelchair on that.

I appreciate the support from Brenda and from Crystal, who signed up to walk with me. I’m incredibly touched by your support and friendship – and I’m deeply sorry that I won’t be able to walk in the 5K. But you get to decide what happens next.

If you don’t want to walk at all, I will reimburse you for your $18 entry fees.

If you do still want to walk, I will go to the event and cheer you on. I’ve already called the event coordinators to ensure that I don’t have to walk fair in this clumpy thing in order to get to the finish line. They’ll make special arrangements to let me park closer to the event if I go.

I will go and I will cheer…for you, my Hot Mess Sistahs.  Just let me know what you want me to do. Refund or walk?  No judging on my end. I’m the one who’s foot messed it up.

I feel absolutely terrible that it’s come to this. I hope you can find it in your hearts to forgive me. Even in this brace, I can’t walk a 5K with a stress fracture. It’s too painful.

I’m very sorry. Feel free to comment here and let me have it. I’ll listen.

8 thoughts on “Decisions, Decisions

  1. Oh, good Lord! You have nothing to be sorry for. I’m sure you didn’t injure yourself to get out of a 3 mile walk. I just assumed that you wouldn’t be able to do it. You don’t need to risk further injury. I don’t need a refund. I feel like the money is going to a good cause. If Brenda still wants to walk, somebody email me and let me know. If not, I say we do one when you feel better. Even if we have to meet on a high school track somewhere. I can force my grown children to hold out water and have signs at the end for us. Whatever ya’ll wanna do is fine with me. But please don’t feel bad…you have no idea the inspiration you are….broke foot or no broke foot! 🙂

  2. The kind of people who are reading your blog are not the kind of people you are going to blame you for an injury then judge you on a decision that is best for your well being. You will recover from this set back, and then you will get your 4 Asses of Hot Mess Princess Hotness back out there and start working on your next stress fracture, er, I mean, your next 5k. Just do what your doctor tells you to do and recover safely.

    In the meantime, you can figure out some excercises that do not put any pressure on your foot. Imagine the sympathy and assistance you will get at the gym sitting at one of those ressistance machines with the clumpy thing on your leg. My Dad is regularly called an inspiration at his gym, because he shows up with his oxygen tank, hooks it on the treadmill and walks away (at a slower pace then most…but he is there) Imagine, you can inspire even more people by not letting the injury defeat you. I know you got it in you.

  3. I think you are making a good decision to take care of yourself. Jackie’s right, I don’t think that the subscribers to your blog are the kind of people who would judge or shame you for this, or for any reason really. And if there are any judgmental a-holes on here, you should just leave now. We are all in this together; trying to get healthy on every level. Take care of you.

    1. Amanda, I hear ya…I’m just harder on myself than anyone else. Maybe someday I’ll stop that shit. 🙂

  4. Princess-

    I’ve been reading your blog for quite a long time. Your insights are ridiculously funny and we share a disdain of these incredibly hot, melt your face off kind of Texas summers. Motivated largely by your blog I have lost 110 pounds in the past 16 months. It has been a real struggle. I’ve had stress fracture, shin splints, heel spurs, “real” fractures, exercise induced asthma and all manner of discomfort related to my obesity. This is the first time that I did not allow myself to make excuses or have any false starts. The first time I threw away the silly notion that I could lose over a hundred pounds without having to be uncomfortable or experience emotional and physical pain. This is the first time it worked. I wholeheartedly agree with your decision to sit out this 5k. I hope you will start planning your next one right away and not let the disappointment of missing this one derail you. I can’t imagine anyone would judge a lady with a broken foot for sitting out. Even if they do it shouldn’t matter. This 5k was for you. Not for them.

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