Kick-Ass Stuff I Got from Pinterest

Okay, peeps, I let you vote on Facebook for which one of Mama Kat’s blog memes I would write about this week…and “Share something you pinned on Pinterest and actually tried” won hands down.

When it comes to Pinterest, this is one Hot Mess pinner with seasoned experience – so I’m going to totally overshare, as is the grand tradition here at Hot Mess Princess. First, though, I have to pay a little homage to the pin I created that went quasi-viral…and that was the pin for my Motivation Marbles. Losing your marbles has never been this awesome.

Motivation Marbles HMP














Now, as for what I’ve pinned from others and actually tried? Here are the goodies I’ve found on Pinterest that have made the biggest impression on me:

Pinbusting’s shower scrubby thing – I have one in each shower and they work great. I highly recommend it, but if you’re married to a cave man like me you’ll need to constantly check to make sure he hasn’t knocked it down and left it to drain all over the shower floor. I love Hot Mess Hubby, but sometimes he makes me pro-nuclear.

Once Upon a Pedestal’s polka-dot cake – Yes, I made it. I bought the pans. I had to rewrite the directions in order because her blog post kind of skipped around a little and I’m super anal…and I decided to make a chocolate cake with mint flavored green polka dots. The results? Yummy!

Here’s mine:















Ramblings from the Sunshine State’s garlic butter bites – Okay, let me see how to put this eloquently….

Foodgasm! Seriously. Hands pounding on the table, moaning like a high-paid hooker…it’ll be like the deli scene from “When Harry Met Sally” if you make these.

I make them when my girlfriends come over. Multiple foodgasms! I don’t even need to say anymore. They’re easy to make and your house will smell gorgeous. They’re not healthy, though, so wear your stretchy pants…and workout the next day.

Smitten Kitchen’s crispy potato roast – Fail! Smells like potato heaven when it’s cooking, tastes like potato ass when it’s done. And yes, I followed the directions! I was sorely disappointed by this one. I’m amazed I wasn’t arrested for crimes against potatoes by the food police.

Dreadful Girl’s INdiscreet tampon cozies – I love my tampon cozy so much that I went back to her Etsy shop and bought one of her tissue cozies. Cramps still suck, but at least I get a giggle when I have to reach for a tampon…or have a booger.






















And those, my friends, are the pins I chose to share with you today. Do you have pins to share? Comment here and tell me all about ’em.

14 thoughts on “Kick-Ass Stuff I Got from Pinterest

  1. I repinned that weight loss pin you created! I did!! Awesome. I haven’t done it yet though.

    And, that cake is gorgeous. Good job!

  2. That cake looks awesomely awesome! And I just added canned biscuits to my grocery list so I can make those garlic thingies. Yum.

  3. WoW! I have like a million and 1 pins and I need to start trying some of them…I’ve tried a couple but you know those pins you see that say, “NAILED IT!” ya, those have been my experiences…LMAO!

    Love the marbles…not sure I have a big enough container for the ones I need to loose… 😉

  4. 1. When I actually COOK something I found on Pinterest, I go back and put a review on my pin as a public service. 2. You can’t go wrong with any recipe that involves canned biscuits and butter. 3. I would have thought you couldn’t go wrong with a recipe calling for potatoes and butter, but I shall consider myself warned on that one. 4. LOVE the tampon and tissue cozies. I wish I were clever enough to come up with something like that.

  5. Those cozies are funny and cool at the same time. And your cooking (baking?) adventures are…well, adventurous! lol.

    Love that marbles idea. Are you half way there yet?

    1. Hi Janice!

      Nope, not halfway there yet…unless you count mentally. 🙂 It’s a process…LOL

  6. Oh I’ve seen those cakes on Pinterest! Super impressed with your baking skills! Did it taste as good as it looks?

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