Random Crap Update

Hey, y’all!

I have been fighting my own schedule to get time to write a blog post I’ve been working on…and I’m still fighting – so I’m posting this update today instead. Expect the actual blog post to show up in the next couple of days, I promise.

I recently explained that I’d gained almost all my weight back because I failed to keep using the tools I value so much – mainly my bathroom scale and my food log. Meanwhile, elastic waists on giant pants don’t help much either.

As you can see by the weight loss ticker on the right, I’ve lost 4 of those pounds already this week. BOOM!

I’m back to logging my food, I’m back in the gym, and I’m drinking a ton of water. I’d like to say something sassy and brag about my awesomeness, but I’m still quite pissed at myself for having to do this work over again. It’s a daily chore not to beat myself up mentally for being in this position in the first place, but I’ve gotten pretty good at focusing on my true goal and marching the hell down the road toward my ultimate goal.

My next blog post will be another very honest, humbling post for me about some pretty constant pain I’m having. So if you’re struggling right now and you can’t seem to stop that scale from going up instead of down, this next blog post might be the thing you need to put the brakes on. Stay tuned…I’ll be back before Sunday!

In the meantime, do one thing today that’s more than you did yesterday. Drink more water…eat healthier…move more. Just one thing. Don’t think about the big picture and don’t beat yourself up. Just do one thing.

Hugs from me,


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2 thoughts on “Random Crap Update

  1. I know how you feel a bit! I lost 75 lbs from March to September of last year. Over the winter and spring, I gained 25 of it back. I’m so upset at myself and every pound I lose, I’m still mentally degrading myself “you already lost this pound, you idiot! Look at how much you sweat to do it all over again!”
    Like you, I cannot stop logging food and expect to lose or even maintain weight. It’s just too bad. Do I want to be healthy and look better or do I want to eat what I want? I think I’ll take the health and the looks.
    I’m back in track after many false starts. This time, it feels like it did in the beginning…so I know I can keep it up!

  2. You have totally motivated me. After reading your “failure” post, I dragged out the bathroom scale and was not happy to see I am back up to my highest weight. I am weighing myself every morning. I went back to My Fitness Pal and I’m using it religiously to track everything. I’m cut down to one Diet Dr. Pepper a day (from 3 or 4) and I’m drinking water and iced tea. I can’t seem to manage half my body weight in ounces of water, but I’m getting at least 72 ounces and that’s a HUGE difference from maybe 16-24 ounces a day. I’m looking at my last 40 calories left today and wanting chocolate so bad, but I’m hanging on. Like you, exercise has been my nemesis, but I’ve got some great DVD’s, and workouts on demand on cable. Hey…if I go burn 30 calories, I could eat ONE peppermint patty and not go over my daily allotment…LOL

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