I live in a penis

Just about every week, I meet up with my “bloggy/writey bitches”. It’s a small group of friends who share a love of writing. Some of us write blogs, some write fiction, some are just getting started. One thing has become crystal clear: meeting regularly helps us recharge our creative batteries. We tell each other our writey woes and share our ideas, we give each other encouragement, and we reinforce each other. We also talk about shit that has absolutely nothing to do with writing…and tonight’s blog post is about a conversation I had with one of my writey bitches last weekend.

I don’t remember if it was before or after the very strange man walked sideways in front of us, grinning from ear to ear so creepy that I was sure one of us was showing a nipple or something. The guy was freaky. And who walks sideways when there’s a ton of room to walk normal? Don’t get me started on that crap. Anyway, we were sitting there at Starbucks with our coffee and the worst tasting pretzel ever made in the entire universe, when my buddy tells me that the Dallas/Fort Worth area is a giant penis.

HMP: What???

A: Yeah! Just look at the weather map. DFW is a giant penis.  We live in a penis.

HMP: No way!!!

And that’s when she whipped out her tablet and outlined it with her finger.

HMP: Oh my God…we live in a dick!

A: I know!!! Ever since Bill told me about it, I always see it.

HMP: It can’t be unseen. It’s a dick. Holy crap…

A: I know!

HMP: And it’s pointing west. Why is it pointing west?

A: I have no idea.

And then we just sat there and stared at the DFW penis.









I live in a penis…and Dallas is the balls. Figures.

*** And several weeks later, we DROVE the DFW Penis, peeps. That’s right! ROAD TRIP!!!!! Click here to go straight to the blog post that tells you what happened…with pictures AND video. You’re welcome.

Super Fun Penis Candy

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  1. It totally is. My husband pointed this out to me a few years ago…glad to know he’s not the only one who thinks this.

  2. I think that I would love to be one of your bloggey/writey bitches! I live for conversations like that although mine tend to involve wine 😉

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