Bling Bling Ring a Ding Ding!


Ever since HMH finally broke down the floodgates when it comes to my creativity, I’ve been very crafty. Not only have I started writing fiction again for the first time in years, but I’ve gotten back to my needlework and I’m crafting jewelry as well. And then, of course, there’s the whole memo board from hell fiasco. Some of this is for me, some is meant to share with others…including the Hot Mess bling I’m offering in my new Etsy shop. To kick this off in style, I’m hosting a giveaway today!

First, I should tell you…don’t get too excited. My original Etsy grand opening was supposed to be much more grand. Miss Kirby has decided that this weekend should be all about her, however, and I’ve spent a lot of time this weekend nursing a 120 pound Saint Bernard with a wound from a ruptured cyst. (Don’t worry…she’s healing fast and sassy as ever!)

Before I get to the juicy details of the Etsy shop, I have to share this with you. I saw the tutorial for this adorable bird’s nest ring a few weeks back and knew I had to make one for myself. I still have to mess with the way the bird’s nest is attached to the ring, but if I can perfect it then I’ll definitely put a few in the shop. If not, then this one is just for me. Don’t be jealous!


Back to the Bling Bling Ring a Ding Ding:

Just click here to get to my new Etsy shop, lovingly called Hot Mess Bling. There are just a few items in the shop right now, but as I mentioned you can thank Kirby for that when she gets a minute. She’s a little busy sucking up all the attention she can get and taking medication cleverly wrapped in sausages. #SpoiledRotten

For now, you can have your very own Hot Mess BadAss stamp to hang around your neck. Or, if the “Keep Calm and Carry On” posters are more your style you can sport the HMP version as well. Go check them out…I dare you!

Over the next few weeks, I’ll have more and more designs up in the shop – some blog related and some not – including this effing awesome necklace themed after my Motivation Marbles:


The exclusive HMP “Losing My Marbles” necklace will be available in three colors originally: pink, blue, and green – but if there’s a color I’m missing that you just have to have, comment here and let me know. I’ll get on it.

Which color will you choose?
Which color will you choose?

No, I haven’t forgotten the giveaway either! To celebrate the opening of my Etsy shop, I’m giving away one Hot Mess Bad Ass necklace and one Keep Calm necklace. There are two ways to enter:

1. Leave a comment here and tell me which necklace is your favorite.

2. For an extra chance to win, you can also FAVORITE my shop on Etsy (you must have a profile on Etsy to do this. It’s free and lets you buy cool handmade stuff, so go get one!) Once you FAVORITE my shop (click the ♥ button), comment here with your Etsy name so that I can confirm you favorited me. (To preserve your privacy, if your Etsy name is your real name feel free to leave your first name and last initial).

Maximum of two entries per person.

You have from now through Monday, September 16, 2013 at midnight CST to enter.

Winners will be chosen at random by and will be announced by midnight CST Tuesday, September 17, 2013.

So get busy, peeps…the giveaway starts now!


27 thoughts on “Bling Bling Ring a Ding Ding!

  1. Love this!!!!!! The Hot Mess Bad Ass is my fav but as soon as the marble one is ready I am all about it. Come this Friday. this will be my 15 pound present to myself.

  2. I love the Hot Mess Bad Ass necklace. I’m definitely for the Marbles one when it is ready, it looks fabulous! I’d love a classic red color, but the blue is cool. My etsy name is ann10029

  3. Love the hot mess bad ass! And motivational beads will be soon a fave also! My username is lisa74flores. Thanks!

  4. Those necklaces are super cute. I love the Keep Calm one the best! (oh and my etsy name is candiij!) I can’t wait til payday…

  5. LOVE the marbles! Will jump on those when they are ready. Hot Mess Bad Ass is my fave….etsy name is NavyWife910 🙂

  6. I love the blue losing my marbles necklace! Your motivation marbles DYI was one of the first things I ever pinned on Pinterest and led me to your blog 🙂

  7. Awesome! If you are thinking of other colors, I would love a dark purple to match my marble jars. My name on Etsy is asahli.

  8. The blue “Loosing My Marbles” necklace is my favorite! Lord knows I’ve lost my marbles by deciding to go to nursing school! lol I added your Etsy shop to my favorites. My username is Laura Lynn. 🙂

  9. Love, Love, Love the pink “losing my marbles” what a great motivator!!!
    My etsy name is pebbles0927.

  10. i love the marbles one so cute loved the idea of your marbles for weight lost just love it helps alot

  11. I love love the keep calm! I also want to know when I can order the losing my marbles! That is an awesome necklace.

  12. LOVE the marbles necklace! Congrats on your Etsy shop, too! If you have any questions about it, just let me know – I’ve had my shop, Curly Quills, for 5 years on Etsy now.

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