50 Awesome Things Before I Turn 50

If I don’t get this post out today, I feel like I’ll never get it out. Life is pulling me in 300 directions at once…and my blog has suffered for it. Until now. I’m forcing myself right back up on the horse. The internet is about to get a bit less quiet and a lot more Hot Mess.

Peeps, today I start a series of posts called “50 Awesome Things Before I Turn 50”.

50 things

I got the idea from a Facebook friend who’s doing 40 awesome things before her 40th birthday. Unfortunately, 40 passed me a while ago. This November, I’ll turn the big 5-0…and to make things interesting I’ve decided to do 50 awesome things before my birthday.

If you’re not a fan on Facebook, you might want to be…because I’m going to open some of these activities up to anyone who wants to join me. I’ll post the info on my Facebook fan page – so watch for that!

Now…I also need your help with a slight problem. When I started this list, there was more than enough time to plan and save up for some of the bigger items – but as life interfered and my budget shrank, I had to remove quite a few things from the list. Now it’s full of holes…and my imagination is stretched on this topic. That’s where you come in.

For the love o’ God, please…if you have an idea for something I can do to fill this list, leave a comment and tell me. One thing, though: no tattoos. I have many loved ones with tattoos, so I have nothing against it whatsoever (even HMH has a tattoo). It’s not for me. It’s a needle thing, not a judgy thing. So if you have any other ideas, shout ’em out!

Here’s my list thus far:

1. Give blood
2. Volunteer
3. Visit my cousin in Florida
4. Sketch something
5. Rollerskate
6. Enter the State Fair of Texas needlework competition
7. Send flowers to someone
8. Take a CHL class
9. Write a short story
10. Play with sidewalk chalk
11. Finish the watercolor painting I started in Florida
12. Get my passport
13. Buy a new bike
14. Take a knitting class
15. Walk a 5K
16. Design my first cross stitch pattern
17. Over-tip a waitress
18. Attend a live performance
19. Play in the rain
20. Lose 100 pounds
21. Serve myself breakfast in bed
22. Clean out my closet to donate clothes
23. Eat ice cream for the first time in a year
24. Embroider something
25. Clean out the trunk of my car (talk about a hot mess…)
26. Watch a movie outside
27. Eat a popsicle
29. Watch a sunrise
31. Inspire a rebel
32. Surprise my Mom with a weekend visit
33. Make a really cool craft project
34. Teach a child a new skill
35. Help someone think better of himself or herself
37. Make a new friend
38. Read a book
39. Go to the movies again (it’s like pulling teeth to get HMH to go)
40. Buy a stranger a drink
42. Random act of baking kindness
44. Ride a rollercoaster
45. 2014 DFW Penis Expedition (Confused? Read this: I live in a penis!)
46. Make a candle
47. Go to the top of the ball at Reunion Tower in Dallas
49. Surprise HMH with a super awesome home-cooked dinner
50. Perform a random act of kindness every day for a week

I’ve even done a few of these already because it’s taken me so damn long to write this post. Let’s get busy crossing a few off…and filling in the holes. Who’s with me?


4 thoughts on “50 Awesome Things Before I Turn 50

  1. Here are some ideas:
    Send a care package to overseas military
    Make a baby blanket and donate it to pediatric ward
    Fly to a foreign destination (once you have passport) Caribbean Islands count.
    Go swimming
    Eat a pluot
    Pet an Alpaca (county fairs usually have them)

    re: #39 – If I waited for Hubby I would never see a movie. I take a book and
    go by myself

    re: #29 – Remember when we would watch the sunrise on January 1st at H.B?

    Have fun reaching your goals – every day is a new adventure.

  2. *Have professional photos taken with HMH and the puppies.
    *Cross country road trip and see all the roadside attractions
    *Paint a room a color you have always wanted but were afraid to

    Most of all, do something fun every day – it doesn’t have to be something big, just something that makes you smile 🙂

  3. Do something you’ve never done before and never really planned on doing. It doesn’t have to be something huge, a new restaurant, play a sport, jump on a trampoline, anything! You might just like it, and it will inspire you to do more! 😉

  4. Take a cooking class, or learn to properly use kitchen knives!

    Go swimming (I think if more than one person says it, you need to claim it, lol)

    Start a blessing book and be faithful to jot down blessings daily—don’t take a lot of time, or it won’t get done.

    Make out your will…you ain’t gettin’ any younger, ya know! And it’s so much easier on your loved ones.

    Ask permission from a friend with a yard to plant a small shrub to honor your cat.

    Buy a lottery ticket on your birthday.

    Write a letter to someone who has influenced you in your life’s journey.

    Go to a make up counter and get a make over…treat yourself to ONE make up! (THEN go some place fun with the hubs)

    Write a note of encouragement to someone having the same kind of surgery you did, and leave it with the doc.

    If your house is cluttered give yourself the gift of decluttering, which leads to a peaceful restful place…which is an awesome gift! Purge Purge Purge! Purpose to do 15 minutes a day…or throw out 15 items a day…it really works 🙂

    Have fun and put your list somewhere prominent so you can actively check off the items.

    Love seeing the 102!!!

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