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Housekeeping time!

This post will be super short because I just have some quick & dirty housekeeping things to share tonight…then I must skidaddle off to bed. I’m about 30 minutes into Ambien-land and I don’t want to bid on any eBay auctions!!

Tonight, I had the drawing to give away the Meal Measure portion control tool. (Congratulations, Emily!) This was such fun that I’ve decided to have more raffles in the future…and I’ve decided that they will coincide with some important milestone for me. More details on that to follow, but I can tell you that the first milestone will be when I hit 331 pounds. I’ll explain why later!

Also, for those of you who aren’t on my Facebook fan page…I got my new walking shoes today! Yay!!! I drove out to the store in the middle of a thunderstorm to get ’em. So happy!! Now, we’re having severe weather tonight and Mr Dyson was quite snuggly – so I didn’t get on the treadmill tonight. I’m wearing the shoes around the house tonight and can’t wait to walk on the treadmill tomorrow!!

The 7 Dwarfs of the Apocalypse are arriving soon…the bastards. There will be some days this week when I don’t feel like walking, let me just tell you. I feel confident that Mr. Scale will be my bitch again after the 7 Dwarfs leave…just you wait. For now, the scale is floating dead on at 354…which is fine with me. I’m eating healthy and doing great – the only thing I wish I could change was the week and a half long wait for my dang shoes!

I wish you all a good night tonight…I’m going to hit the hay and listen to the thunderstorms. I’ll be back soon. Until then:

Updates And Downtime

Okay so I’m usually just the behind the scenes one, but I just wanted to give the readers a heads up that we are currently upgrading the comment system to something FAR superior to what we had.  It should allow both Dianne and myself to manage and reply to comments in a much more efficient way.

As an added benefit it will give you guys a much better interface and a lot more features.  In the meantime though, all of the old comments are missing.  Worry not, they will return…just in a better format.

Feel free to check out the new comment system and get posting though.  We’re always looking for feedback on improving usability so let me know how you like it!