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Scare #2 is through!

Hey, y’all…

This is going to be short & sweet, as I am busy tonight…getting my packing list sorted out for my first blogger’s conference!  Tomorrow, I’m there!!  Follow me on Twitter to find out what I’m doing and how much I’m learning about bringing you a better Hot Mess Princess blog!!

I’m very relieved to tell you that Kirby is fine!  The vet opened her up and it was just a cyst that had given them funky test readings.  No cancer!  She’s recovering nicely…and happy to be home.  In fact, we’re spoiling her rotten.

I’ll catch up with y’all by Sunday for sure…I’m going to be super motivated to blab at you after the conference – so get ready!

Scare #1 is done!

Thank you all so much for your support over the last few days…it means the world to me!

I’m very pleased to tell you that 2 of these “boomerang pounds” have already been dealt with.  Plink plink!  Take that, little bastards!








Going back to logging the first day was a little hard for me…I felt a little bitter and a little pissy (at myself).  I had to fight that back, but soon I snapped right back into my  groove.  Now I’m back to having that self-satisfying feeling when I click “Complete This Entry” button on My Fitness Pal and I get this little statement:



This is my absolute favorite feature at My Fitness Pal.  It tells me where I’ll be in 5 weeks…and I’ll tell you what:  the 320’s sound awfully good!  It’s very motivating.

If you’re on My Fitness Pal, you can find me there as HotMessPrincess.  🙂

Now…about that medical scare I had.  I’m fine, all is well.  Here’s what happened:

A few years ago, I had a nicely sized “nodule” removed from my throat…and it had a bit of cancer in it.  Long story short, I had it surgically removed and my doctor and I keep an eye on the situation regularly.  Over the weekend, I had a monster lump in my throat…but only on the side where this “nodule” would be in danger of returning.  This was not a sore throat and it wasn’t muscular…it felt like it was deep in my tissues/glands.

I called the doc and, of course, he wanted to see me.  I was already starting to feel better, but I still wanted him to check it.  He found nothing…and I’m super relieved.  Phew!!!  I did not want to go through throat surgery again.  Imagine waking up from a 4 hour surgery and discovering you can’t lift your own head.  Yeah!  Not fun…especially when you have a head the size of an Easter Island statue like me!

Now…my baby girl is having surgery tomorrow.  Kirby, our Saint Bernard, has a quarter-sized cancerous growth sitting on her spine…and we don’t know if the problem goes much deeper than that or if it’s just a little blip.  Prayers and good thoughts are much appreciated, because I’m going to be a weepy mess when I drop her off at the vet in the morning.

Meanwhile, Dyson still enjoys plopping his big booty on the couch next to me and farting his brains out during my morning coffee.

Dogs.  🙂







(this is Kirby & Dyson…begging for Daddy’s bacon on a Sunday morning)