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The DFW Penis Expedition of 2013

A month ago, four of my most loyal, bat shit crazy girlfriends and I drove the DFW Penis. I’ve tried to come up with a funny, witty post that would pay homage to the hilarity that ensued on that day but I need to remember the simple fact that sometimes it’s not necessary to add to something. Sometimes all I need to do is set the scene and let you watch it with your own eyes. So that’s what I’m going to do.

Before we get started, let me just remind you that this mission is called the 2013 DFW Penis Expedition for a reason. Therefore, it’s safe to say that it’s not suitable for viewing at work or in front of children. There are quite a few videos linked in this blog post, so be sure to have your speakers or headphones hooked up – and you should know that when you click on the video links a new browser window will open for you…so be sure to find your way back here when you’re done.

Now that we’ve gotten that out of the way, let me set the scene for you…

My friends, Brenda, Lauren, and future blogger Jackie arrived at my house at 9 am sharp. I introduced them all to our mascot, whom you’ll meet in a minute: Gregory Pecker. He’s a dick. I handed out gift bags for the girls and then we did a “gear check” on the hood of my car to make sure we had all the shit we’d need for an epic trip. Since we planned to get out of the car at the head of the penis (pretty close to the pee hole) we knew hard hats and protective eye wear was important.

 photo 20130921_090648_zpsroz7bvct.jpg

 photo 20130921_090940_zpsfos2gcei.jpg

Then it was time to shoot the intro video for our Expedition – so Lauren grabbed the camera and Jacky and Brenda came with me. Click here to see the YouTube introduction to the DFW Penis that we recorded just for you.

After that, it was time for us to put Gregory Pecker in the car and hit the road penis!

 photo 20130921_092812_zpsy7l2ilpb.jpg

You probably already know this, but we’ll share a road trip tip with you anyway: when taking a road trip it’s good to have some tunes to jam with in the car. It helps pass the time. We recommend Jungle Love. Click here for the video.

First stop on the 2013 DFW Penis Expedition: the Texas shaped thing of I-20 and Mountain Creek Parkway. I don’t know what the hell this thing is made of but it’s big and shaped like Texas…and people are always pulling off the road to take their picture in front of it. I first shared this place with you in my blog post called “Hello, Arlington!” about interesting places in my town. This is the first time I’ve actually pulled off the road and walked out to it.

 photo 20130921_094352_zps8scmyzpu.jpg

Oh, what a sight I’m sure we were as we walked back to Brenda’s car with a giant inflatable penis. Click here to check it out.

Next, it was back on the road penis…as we urged Brenda, our driver, to hydrate. You know the old saying…there’s no better way to hydrate than to drink Starbucks through a penis straw. Click here to view the unexpected side effects.

Before too long, we were all the way down the base of the shaft and the highway was curving into the balls. Woohoo!

Now…let’s talk about tailgaters for a minute. Not the fun, happy BBQ’ing in the parking lot before a sporting event kind of tailgaters…no. I’m talking about the kind of complete asshat who gets behind the wheel of a car and decides that he’s going to ride your ass until you change lanes in shame because you’re just not as awesome as he is. If you’re like me, you either ignore them or pull over and let them whiz by…but not today, my friends. Not today.

When we didn’t cower to his interstate bullying, he got the surprise of his life. As he cut over and zoomed past us, Jackie waved Gregory Pecker out the window at him and he couldn’t get away fast enough. He pulled in front of us briefly, but I imagine the sight of us in the rear view mirror was a little more than he bargained for. Pee first…and then click here to see why.

We were officially deep in the balls of the DFW Penis, otherwise known as Mesquite. It was getting pretty bushy…

 photo 20130921_101054_zpsqsrg4fv7.jpg

This seems like a good place to get off the penis…

 photo 20130921_101116_zpsgmce5367.jpg

We took the Gross Road exit in Mesquite to do a little investigating. When it comes to lady gardening, we’re all pretty fastidious, yes? So why was all this bush around the balls of the DFW Penis? We had to check it out for ourselves. Click here to see the video of our investigation.

We found our way back to the highway and were soon traveling north up the shaft and then…shit. This happened.

This is what happens when four women are stuck in traffic with an inflatable penis.

Now, I would love to continue and tell you more about the 2013 DFW Penis Expedition…but I can’t. Why? Because my phone died and Jackie documented the other half of the trip. DOH! Rest easy, though…Jackie is about to go public with her own blog and she’s promised to post about the DFW Penis Expedition very soon.

UPDATE: Jackie met a guy and became a huge turd and flaked on the whole blog thing. Okay, sure, he turned out to be Mr. Right…and he’s pretty awesome and everything…but we never got the footage of the second half of the DFW Penis Expedition. I think we need a re-do.

In other news, I lost 113 pounds and 8 sizes in clothes…and I no longer look like the jolly penis princess in these videos. And Jackie is about to marry her Mr. Right. And now Brenda’s engaged. Holy shit…yeah, we definitely need to ride the penis. One. Last. Time.

Stay tuned…

Gregory Pecker – Inflatable Blow Up Penis for Bachelorette Party

Bachelorette Party Favors Dicky Sipping Straws – Asst. Colors Pack of 10

I live in a penis

Just about every week, I meet up with my “bloggy/writey bitches”. It’s a small group of friends who share a love of writing. Some of us write blogs, some write fiction, some are just getting started. One thing has become crystal clear: meeting regularly helps us recharge our creative batteries. We tell each other our writey woes and share our ideas, we give each other encouragement, and we reinforce each other. We also talk about shit that has absolutely nothing to do with writing…and tonight’s blog post is about a conversation I had with one of my writey bitches last weekend.

I don’t remember if it was before or after the very strange man walked sideways in front of us, grinning from ear to ear so creepy that I was sure one of us was showing a nipple or something. The guy was freaky. And who walks sideways when there’s a ton of room to walk normal? Don’t get me started on that crap. Anyway, we were sitting there at Starbucks with our coffee and the worst tasting pretzel ever made in the entire universe, when my buddy tells me that the Dallas/Fort Worth area is a giant penis.

HMP: What???

A: Yeah! Just look at the weather map. DFW is a giant penis.  We live in a penis.

HMP: No way!!!

And that’s when she whipped out her tablet and outlined it with her finger.

HMP: Oh my God…we live in a dick!

A: I know!!! Ever since Bill told me about it, I always see it.

HMP: It can’t be unseen. It’s a dick. Holy crap…

A: I know!

HMP: And it’s pointing west. Why is it pointing west?

A: I have no idea.

And then we just sat there and stared at the DFW penis.









I live in a penis…and Dallas is the balls. Figures.

*** And several weeks later, we DROVE the DFW Penis, peeps. That’s right! ROAD TRIP!!!!! Click here to go straight to the blog post that tells you what happened…with pictures AND video. You’re welcome.

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