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Three things are gonna happen today…

Good morning, fellow butt battlers!  🙂  I hope y’all are doing well and that you’re staying strong against the partially hydrogenated evils of the world.

I’ve proven to myself that I’ve got the healthy eating thing down.  I’m doing pretty well with all that.  I usually have a harder to time getting up off my four asses and moving than I do getting my food under control – and that’s exactly what’s happening now.  So two things are going to happen today:

1. I’m going to commit to working out every single day for the next 6 days.

2.  I’m going to do a little craft project today – something to give me a visual reminder of my progress.

3.  I’m going to be brave in the face of green veggies and try a smoothie idea I’ve been rolling around in my head.

When I started weaning myself off sweets & diet dr pepper, it really helped me to eat the same menu every day and to remove all power of choice.  I wasn’t ready to decide what to eat, because I knew I would be tempted way too much.  It really helps me to get on track if I don’t have to think about what to eat at first.

Now that I’m through that phase and feeling pretty solid, it’s really time for me to tackle this effing annoying thing I have about exercise.  It is painful to exercise at this weight, but I have to compromise at least a little or I’m never going to get far enough to make a difference before I throw in the towel…again.  So  it’s time to get serious.

I used to want to work out first thing in the morning before work, but I’m not sure that’s the best time now.  It’s awesome to get it done first thing in the morning and then have this wonderful feeling of accomplishment all day long, knowing that I took care of myself and did what I needed to do.  However, every time the alarm goes off I just can’t make myself get up.   The worst part is that if I get all tough and make myself get up, I turn into Linda Blair (from the Exorcist) inside my own head and say horrible things to myself.  Basically anything to do with the fact that I don’t look like Cindy Crawford and that I’m a huge fat pig will fly through my head.  It’s pretty hard to start the day on a positive note after something like that, right?

I’m going to start by working out as soon as I get home.  If and when my attitude towards exercise changes, I can always revisit the morning thing.  I’m going to look at exercise like I do brushing my teeth.  I never get up in the morning and say “I just don’t  feel like brushing my teeth.”  That’s just gross.  So why don’t I think of exercise that way?  Maybe it’s time to start.

As for the craft project, well…I saw this on Pinterest and thought it was a hell of a good idea.  I found two different ones, but I liked this one best:


The embed code wouldn’t work for this one, so I’m just posting a link to it.

I’m going to go pick up the supplies today and make this for myself…if I can afford to buy 219 glass marbles.  🙂  That’s a lot of marbles!  I did see another one where they used a marble for every 5 pounds, but I won’t be good at adjusting that visual…so 219 marbles it is.

I’ll post a picture for y’all when I get all my marbles together.  🙂  Till then, I hope you’re having a great Sunday…if you have any motivational tips or tricks you’d like to share, now’s the time!

As for the smoothie, it’s a cucumber concoction I came up with when I was thinking about this kick ass basil mint ice cream I make.  Everyone’s always freaked out by the idea of basil mint ice cream, but when they try it they’re surprised at how delicious it is.  I’m hoping to surprise myself with my culinary genius today – because if I can make myself enjoy a this smoothie as much as I enjoyed that ice cream, I will indeed be a freak’in genius.  🙂

Stay tuned!