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How Do You Shake Your Moneymaker?

Hey, y’all –

First:  holy CRAP!  Got on the scale this morning, another 2 pounds gone.  GONE!!!  I’m already at 354 and sliding down the back side of this set of 10’s.  I won’t be able to get the smile off my face today.  Yay!!!!

Now…I am an absolute sucker for a good song.  And by “good” I don’t necessarily mean technically or musically brilliant…I mean something that makes me feel GOOD!  At the risk of showing you how monumentally UNcool I am, I can tell you that my list of feel-good songs includes Hanson’s “Mmm-Bop”.  Yes.  Yes, it does – and I just said that shit out loud.  Don’t judge!

I’m sure it’s a hangover from my days as a dancer, but nothing lifts my spirits like music does – and so I’m sure that’s why, after a day of waddling around in a fat body and sore Flintstone feet, I can come home and prance like a Pussycat Doll on my treadmill (sans trashy lingerie, of course, because chafing is a real bitch when your inner thighs are close personal friends).

I keep saying I’m working on a second, newer playlist for my iPod but here it is…7:30 pm on Sunday night and I have yet to do it.  I’ve laid out my current playlist for y’all below, but I doubt any of it is new to you – and some of it may give you a good giggle.  Yes, I really do have part of the Rocky IV soundtrack on my playlist.  I told you: monumentally uncool.

I would love to hear what you listen to when you’re working out.  I know I asked this on my Facebook fan page a while ago, but the problem with Facebook is that threads fade away over time.  At least here I can paste a link on the “Linky Links” page and we’ll always have a source for musical inspiration.  If you don’t like commenting on the posts themselves, feel free to shoot me an email and let me know what you listen to (that’s for all you lurkers out there! LOL).

** Safety reminder:  If you listen to music on an outdoor trail or roadway, PLEASE only use one ear bud – and remember to keep the volume down low enough so that you can hear what’s going on around you.  As much fun as it is to walk/run/bike/skate with music, it’s a serious safety hazard…and not worth injuring yourself or others.  Be safe!

Now…here is my ridiculous playlist:

Hey, Soul Sister
– Train  (my favorite band in the whole universe)

Right Round
– Flo Rida

How You Like Me Now
– The Heavy

Bad Romance (Glee Cast Version)
– Glee cast

Like A Prayer (Glee Cast Version Featuring Jonathan Groff)
– Glee cast

Ice Ice Baby (Glee Cast Version)
– Glee cast  (stop judging!)

Snake Eyes
– David Holmes (from the soundtrack of Ocean’s Thirteen)

Higher Ground
– Stevie Wonder

Barbie Girl
– Aqua

I’m Outta Love
– Anastasia

Rock N Roll Jesus (Explicit)
– Kid Rock

It’s My Life
– Bon Jovi (boy, does this one get me going!)

Training Montage
– Vin DiCola (from the Rocky IV soundtrack)

War/Fanfare From Rocky
– Vin DiCola (from the Rocky IV soundtrack)

Somewhere Only We Know
– Keane


What gets you motivated and moving?  Tell us!