Checkin in!

I’m sorry I’ve been so quiet lately.  Have you ever had so much to do that your head spins just trying to figure out where to begin?  That’s me lately.

I took Friday off to prepare for a big birthday party for me and the hubs, so I feel like I’ve gotten a lot accomplished.  The house is relatively clean, but definitely NOT organized.  Yesterday was the best day because I got so much accomplished.  Next week is Thanksgiving and I have a long, luxurious four day weekend…I’m so looking forward to that!!  There is a lot to get done.

It’s to the point where I can’t just come home and plop down at the computer and write.  There’s too much to do.  I really need to get some of these things out of my way before I sit down and focus on some big updates for the blog and some posts I’m really looking forward to writing.

I’m planning on being quiet on the blog this week just so I can focus on getting all the extra crap out of my way once and for all.  If you want to keep up with what I’m doing for the next week or so, please feel free to catch up with me on my Facebook fan page.  I’ll keep that updated. (In fact I posted before and after pictures of my pantry on my Facebook fan page today…it’s hard to cook healthy when your pantry’s in complete disarray!)

So I got that done…and half of our home office.  The kitchen has been half painted for two months now.  I’ve been mired down in a giant “to do” list for so long…I’m really looking forward to this extra time so I can get these things out of my way.

In the meantime, had a great birthday with the hubby and doing pretty damn good on the food.  Not working out very much, though.  One of the organizing projects I need to finish:  remove the pile of crap that’s sitting on my treadmill.  🙂

For me, these things are just temporary setbacks.  Not even setbacks really since i’m continuing on as normal.  But for my efforts to go smoothly, there’s a lot I need to organize and/or get out of the way.  That’s what I mean by setbacks.

What’s stopping you from getting on the road…and what will you do to fix it?