Thank you ♥

The last few days have proven without a shadow of a doubt that you are, indeed, my tribe. My peeps.

I just want to say thanks to each and every one of you. Thank you for your comments here and on Facebook and for your private messages and emails. Your support has always made this process easier for me, but recently it’s what’s kept me from turning on myself.

I’m taking this weekend to regroup. I mentioned in my last blog post that I’ve become mired down with details and disorganization. I’m spending the weekend decluttering the house and turning a spare room into something special for myself. I always meant it to be our guest room, but after six years in this house we’ve had precious few visitors and I realized it didn’t make much sense to dedicate an entire room in the house to something that happens maybe once every year and a half. As of this morning, it’s officially my office and personal retreat.

As of this moment, I’m surrounded by piles of crap. My living room and dining room look like I’m auditioning for Hoarders. Don’t worry, I’d never make it…there are no rat feces or clown body parts around here. It’s basically six years worth of “Oh my God, that would look GREAT in the (insert room name here) when I’m ready to decorate.” I’m gonna go ahead and call it here: if I haven’t used it or hung it on the wall in six years, it’s time to donate it to charity. And so that’s where it’s all going on Monday.

It’ll take a month or two to get my office up to my standards, but I spent all day painting it today…sweating like a pig (seriously…I’m that out of shape…) and getting my giant body into impossible positions in order to cram a brush into every corner possible. Kirby, our Saint Bernard, is quite ticked at me for leaving my office door open all day since she likes to sleep with her butt up against it.

My office will be my own place to write (this blog and also my creative works), stitch (which calms my brain and keeps my hands busy), and meditate without worrying about a 12 pound cat landing on my back. Yes, that’s actually happened to me.

I’ll post some before/after pictures as soon as I’m done refinishing our very old dining table to use as my desk. First, though, I need to finish making my piles of Crap to Donate and Crap to Keep.

I’ll be back in a day or two to talk about another issue rearing its ugly head in my Hot Mess life. Till then, group hug…I love y’all.


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  1. Thanks for being real, sharing your genuine self with all of us, for voicing the things that many of us are thinking, for letting us know that our struggles are shared. I’ve been wanting to make our small spare room into my craft/writing space (there’s still a good bed in there so it can be used as a guest room for our very occasional guests). I have the shelving, and tons of sleek, empty storage boxes from Ikea, all just waiting for me to get in there and tackle it. I just need the motivation and the bravery to jump in and start — I’ve been afraid because I know it will be a much worse mess before it gets better, and if I wimp out before I finish, that’s the recipe for disaster. Would love to see your pics for inspiration!

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