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Motivation Marbles

I did a little craft project today.  🙂  I saw some weight loss motivation jars on Pinterest and I thought the idea was brilliant, so I set out to make my own…but with an added Hot Mess twist.

In one example, they put a marble in the jar for every tenth of a pound they had to lose, then removed the appropriate number of marbles every time they lost weight.  Brilliant, right?  I thought so too!  However, I would go broke if I bought a marble for every tenth of a pound that I have to lose…so that won’t work for me.

The next idea I saw on Pinterest had two jars:  Pounds to Go and Pounds Lost.  Again, brilliant!!!

I went off to the craft store today and bought the supplies for my own Motivation Marbles.  🙂  Here’s the finished result:

 photo Motivation Marbles HMP_zpsqiunplqu.jpg

There is a marble for every pound I have to lose from my top weight of 383 pounds. That’s 219 marbles, folks.  Here’s the Hot Mess twist:

In addition to the regular marbles, there are 11 little pink jewels…one for every set of 10 pounds I lose, since I’m doing this “by the tens”.

And the final stroke of Hot Mess genius:  look at the bottom center of the “Pounds to Go” jar.  Do you see the large pink jewel?  Goal weight.  I get happy feet just looking at it.

Of course, I love pink…so hubby’s going to have to deal with these babies in our bathroom.  He thought this was pretty cool, though, so I don’t see him objecting.  I’m keeping them on the bathroom counter so I can see them every time I step on the scale.  And every time I lose a pound…or two…I’ll be able to reach out and play with my marbles.  🙂

Changing the subject for a minute…y’all remember my confession that I’m a complete and total handbag ho, right?  Yeah, I’m always on the alert for a great handbag.  That being said, I think I’ve finally found a handbag that I can honestly say I would never, ever, ever want:

 photo butt-bag_zpszwxw9sio.jpg

(original image credit here)

Before y’all get crazy, this is obviously not a real handbag.  🙂  Thank God, though, can you imagine?  I already have four butts…I don’t need five!  The sad thing is, I’m sure there are people out there who are crazy enough to carry one if it was actually available.  If carrying around a “Kardashian Satchel” isn’t up your alley, how about this one:

 photo belly-bag_zpsemmmivb4.jpg

(original image credit here)

Can you see someone stowing this in an overhead bin before take-off?  LOL.  Right!

I’m sure there are some who will find these motivating in some way.  🙂  I think they’re quite funny…but too gross for motivation.  Although I can’t help speculating on what the coordinating wallets would look like for these.  Yikes!

I’d rather focus on what I want, not what I don’t want.  And what I want now is to move some marbles.  🙂

– Princess Dianne

** Footnote: Since so many have asked me where I got my supplies for this project, I’ve provided links below. Unfortunately, it looks like the lettering I used has been discontinued – but I found pink glitter letters that were close.  (I found my letters at Joann Craft Store if you’d like to check your local store for the letters).

Decorative 7 1/4-inch Glass Cylinder Vase

Dashington 2 Pounds of Pink Acrylic Ice Rock Vase Gems or Table Scatters

Martha Stewart Crafts Large Glitter Alphabet, Pink