Motivation Marbles

I did a little craft project today.  🙂  I saw some weight loss motivation jars on Pinterest and I thought the idea was brilliant, so I set out to make my own…but with an added Hot Mess twist.

In one example, they put a marble in the jar for every tenth of a pound they had to lose, then removed the appropriate number of marbles every time they lost weight.  Brilliant, right?  I thought so too!  However, I would go broke if I bought a marble for every tenth of a pound that I have to lose…so that won’t work for me.

The next idea I saw on Pinterest had two jars:  Pounds to Go and Pounds Lost.  Again, brilliant!!!

I went off to the craft store today and bought the supplies for my own Motivation Marbles.  🙂  Here’s the finished result:

 photo Motivation Marbles HMP_zpsqiunplqu.jpg

There is a marble for every pound I have to lose from my top weight of 383 pounds. That’s 219 marbles, folks.  Here’s the Hot Mess twist:

In addition to the regular marbles, there are 11 little pink jewels…one for every set of 10 pounds I lose, since I’m doing this “by the tens”.

And the final stroke of Hot Mess genius:  look at the bottom center of the “Pounds to Go” jar.  Do you see the large pink jewel?  Goal weight.  I get happy feet just looking at it.

Of course, I love pink…so hubby’s going to have to deal with these babies in our bathroom.  He thought this was pretty cool, though, so I don’t see him objecting.  I’m keeping them on the bathroom counter so I can see them every time I step on the scale.  And every time I lose a pound…or two…I’ll be able to reach out and play with my marbles.  🙂

Changing the subject for a minute…y’all remember my confession that I’m a complete and total handbag ho, right?  Yeah, I’m always on the alert for a great handbag.  That being said, I think I’ve finally found a handbag that I can honestly say I would never, ever, ever want:

 photo butt-bag_zpszwxw9sio.jpg

(original image credit here)

Before y’all get crazy, this is obviously not a real handbag.  🙂  Thank God, though, can you imagine?  I already have four butts…I don’t need five!  The sad thing is, I’m sure there are people out there who are crazy enough to carry one if it was actually available.  If carrying around a “Kardashian Satchel” isn’t up your alley, how about this one:

 photo belly-bag_zpsemmmivb4.jpg

(original image credit here)

Can you see someone stowing this in an overhead bin before take-off?  LOL.  Right!

I’m sure there are some who will find these motivating in some way.  🙂  I think they’re quite funny…but too gross for motivation.  Although I can’t help speculating on what the coordinating wallets would look like for these.  Yikes!

I’d rather focus on what I want, not what I don’t want.  And what I want now is to move some marbles.  🙂

– Princess Dianne

** Footnote: Since so many have asked me where I got my supplies for this project, I’ve provided links below. Unfortunately, it looks like the lettering I used has been discontinued – but I found pink glitter letters that were close.  (I found my letters at Joann Craft Store if you’d like to check your local store for the letters).

Decorative 7 1/4-inch Glass Cylinder Vase

Dashington 2 Pounds of Pink Acrylic Ice Rock Vase Gems or Table Scatters

Martha Stewart Crafts Large Glitter Alphabet, Pink

201 thoughts on “Motivation Marbles

    1. Hey there! Luv the Marble idea! Going to make this ASAP. 🙂 Thank you. I just started looking online for ‘help’. I keep wanting to lose the weight. I had worked so hard to lose 30 pounds a few years ago. Had accident. Cannot workout. Now have gained 20 back! I am so upset with myself. I restart every morning. Then by dinner I have taken many steps backwards which those steps=pounds 🙁
      Love your name.
      New to Pinterest.
      Will try to keep on and checking in.
      Thanks for your inspiration. I am glad something grabbed me 🙂
      I love bling and pink bling is the best. Off I go to get my supplies.

      1. Good luck, dar’lin! There’s nothing like the PLINK PLINK noise the marbles make when you lose another pound. ♥

  1. Wow, love the marble idea, but those purses are killing me hahaha. I’m still debating if I would actually carry one of those if they were available. Maybe as part of a Halloween costume! Somehow I’m not surprised that you of all people found those pics. Hahaha

  2. I am totally in love with the “Pink Marble Project”…I to love love pink & have 75 lbs to loose. So I am going to use this same idea & am going to the craft store tomorrow!! I wish you the best of luck in your journey…..I am looking forward to you getting a pink jewel!!

    1. Christine, I am so looking forward to that pink jewel as well!  Good luck to you in your project and your weight loss…go, girl!!

  3. I will be constructing my marble jar this week (with what ever halfassed stuff I can buy here in Panama) – I have a feeling I won’t be able to buy enough of a single color or style – so I may go in degrees of 20 marbles in each color, layered (like my fat)

    Been hard getting motivated since I returned after the holidays. Maybe this will be my helpful kick in the butt.

    Speaking of butts, that purse not only matches what I see in the mirror when I look behind me…but also my name. No way would I carry anything that advertises my name…to easy for identity theft!

    1. Jackie – if marbles aren’t available, how about river rocks or beach rocks? You can call them MILESTONES.  🙂  See what I did there?  LOL

  4. I LOVE LOVE LOVE this idea! And the BIG jewel and the little jewel! Its classy, yet motivating! Grabbing mine sometime this week when my life isn’t a HOT MESS! 😛 <3 Thanks for this idea! Brillant!

  5. Here’s one case in which it is good to “loose your marbles”. 🙂 Keep up the great job!

      1. I instantly thought about the losing of the marbles…it just “was”!!!!! Good luck to all who set goals and have the faith.

  6. This is awesome idea! I’m heading to the craft store this weekend. I can only hope mine turn out as cute as yours did! Thanks for the idea.

  7. this is my favorite motivation marble jars yet! Great job on the L B’s lost so far girly!!!!!! Keep up the heart and dedication, you can totally reach your goal! I wish you health and happiness! -Nurse Talie

  8. I just wanted to tell you how much I love the idea of using the glass marbles to track your weight loss.  Great idea!  Then after admiring your background, I noticed you’re also using MyFitnessPal which is the best app I have on my iPad!  Good luck with your weight loss.  We all know it’s the right thing to do, it’s just so darn hard remembering it when there is so much food everywhere!

    1. Cindy, thank you!  And yes…isn’t My Fitness Pal great?  I keep my food log private because there are just too many amateur nutritionists out there and I don’t like people trying to shove help down my throat.  🙂  See this post for more on that!  LOL

      I do love My Fitness Pal, though…everything is right there and it’s wonderfully uncomplicated.  Good luck to you as well…we’ve got this!!

  9. Great idea, I think I am going to get me some jars, but I may need to buy a scale first 😉 oh how I loathe the scale!

    1. Hey, Crystal, you don’t have to get a scale to do this!  When I bought the glass marbles at the craft store, they also had river rocks for sale.  How about using a fine tipped silver Sharpie marker and writing little mini goals on a bunch of river rocks?  For example, different (and increasingly difficult) exercise or food goals!  

      Maybe having a scale doesn’t really work for you.  I’m a big believer in finding something that works for YOU…and listening to your own gut.  (check my last post about that HERE).  

      I also just ranted about the scale HERE

      If you think a scale will work for you, I say GO FOR IT!  🙂  But if it really makes you cringe, I would try the river rocks…and make goals like these:Exercise: 15 mins a day/3 days a weekExercise: 25 mins a day/ 4 days a weekFood:  Don’t go over my daily calorie goal all weekFood:  Reduce soda intake to 1 a dayFood:  QUIT SODA!Whatever you decide, be kind to yourself and I know you can do it!  🙂

    1. Thank you, Trsw14  🙂

      Of course I can tell you that – I used sticky letters I found in the scrapbooking section of my local craft store.

      These particular letters are from JoAnn Craft Stores…they were $2.99 a package and I needed 3 packages because of the lettering.  (JoAnn also had a buy one, get one for 50% off sale on the glass vases…check to see if your local store does!)

      As far as keeping the letters straight, I just eyeballed it…then LIGHTLY placed each letter in place.  I pressed each one in place only when I was happy with where it was.  I did have to re-position a couple with tweezers, but I’m happy with the overall finished look.  🙂

      Come back and let us know how your jars turned out!  

  10. I will be making these this week! They are fantastic! Add me to the list of Pinterest finders! I’m adding you to my google reader list. We have a lot in common it appears…

    1. I’m so glad you found me, Robin. 🙂  I’m really grateful for everyone who reads my blog…we’re all helping each other!

  11. Going to be making these tomorrow! What a fantastic idea!
    But that purse totally creeps me out! LOL

    1. Missy, I hear you.  LOL.  I will spare you from the conversation I had with a friend today about what the matching coin purse would look like for that butt handbag.  LOL.  🙂

  12. I LOVE LOVE LOVE this!! I’ ve lost about 45 lbs since July and am in a rut. Can’t get back on track. I love this idea and the fact it is MY shade of PINK rocks its!! So my question hotmessprincess Dianne (love this….not many people spell it this way: I’m Cheri Dianne) is WHERE DID YOU GET THE LETTERING????? Doing this this next weekend. Thanks for helping this 50 year old get her mojo back in a fun fun way!!

    1. Hi Cheri!  Glad you saw where to find these…I am going to find a way to get everyone’s jar pictures up here on the blog.  I would love to see them all.  I’m glad you’re getting your mojo back!!

  13. This is AWESOME!  I am not much of a  pink person, but I am going to do the marbles!  Top weight 390 and 127 down so far and 130 to go.  I am going to put a Ring Pop at the bottom of mine because when I have hit my goal I am going to get a new wedding ring.  Right now I wear mine around my neck because I have gone from a size 10 to a 7.  I don’t want to have it re-sized several times.  So it has become a necklace and I will get a new one when I am done!  Thanks so much for this tremendous idea!

    1. Hi Cari!  They had lots of different colors – I’m sure you won’t be stuck with pink!

      Funny you should bring up the wedding ring because I was just telling the hubby that I’m going to try and see if mine fits me again…here’s hoping!

      Congratulations on your incredible success!!!

      1. I am praying that it does!  And then once it is too big, it should become a necklace and re-sized at the end!  I am just so encouraged by your determination and your idea.  Keep it up, and thank you so much!

  14. I love your jars.  That is a great motivational tool, and they look great too!  If I have an opportunity to do to these, I will, and I will be sure to link back to this post. 🙂

    ps.  I found you through pinterest too. 

  15. Love the idea!  I don’t know why, but I really have a quirky obsession with jars, vases, piggy banks, etc.  And it’s really neat to get to ‘see’ your effort paying off in a different way!  Love it!  Found it on pinterest as well.  Did you just use stickers for the lettering.  I’m not a pink girl myself, but would love do to it in blue

    1. Okay, Courtney, we may be cousins…I have a quirky obsession with pitchers and handbags.  Things you FILL.  Hmmm…..LOL.  

      Check back here this week because I’m working on a way for people to showcase THEIR marbles.  🙂

  16. Well, those bags are just gross!!!  I’m pretty sure they’re photoshopped!  Well, I like your marbles and jewels idea.  I need to lose around my waist, so maybe I’ll do this.  Good luck with your goals!  Go get that big pink jewel!  Yay!

    1. Hi Millie – the bags are definitely photoshopped…don’t worry!  They were created by an ad agency for a European pilates studio.  🙂  I am sooo looking forward to the big pink jewel!

  17. I just found your blog and I think it’s just what I needed!!  🙂  I too am going to make myself some motivation marbles!  Find me on myfitnesspal!! Havoc04 – hehe, my doggie’s name!  Good luck on your journey!

    1. Thanks so much, Tammy!  I will look for you on MFP tonight.  You named your dog Havoc?  Do I even want to know why?  🙂

  18. Ok I have a question about the different marbles. U said that u use the white ones for ever pound and then the pink for ever 10 pounds. Do u take a white one out for ever pound and then when u get to 10 pounds u take a pink one out? If so, wouldn’t u have more marbles (jewels) then u need??

    1. Hi Carabear –

      The marbles are a combination of white/clear/foggy white…and I have 1 for every pound that I have to lose.  IN ADDITION to those, I added 11 small pink jewels that each represent the “next set of tens”.  So…

      For example, I’m at 366 lbs right now.  My next goal is 359…because that’s the next set of 10’s down.  After that, my goal will be 349…and so on.  So let’s say I get on the scale and lose 7 lbs (would that rock!).  I’d remove 7 of the marbles PLUS 1 pink jewel.  It’s like a little bonus on the day when I get to drop to the next set of tens.  🙂

  19. I love this Idea!!! My gfs and I are working out everyday and dieting and think this would be a great motivator…thank you so much for sharing and God Bless you on your journey as well.

  20. I found your blog on a running/fitness forum that I’m on. I went out today and got my motivation marble supplies. It’s all set and ready to go! Thank You! 🙂 

    1. Ginger, I’m thrilled that you like this idea!  What colors did you choose?  I’m hoping to have a way that we can all share pictures of our marbles together soon.  🙂

  21. Love your blog and positive attitude.  I found it on pinterest today… My name is Stacy, and I just want to say keep up the hard work. When I started my weight loss jorney I was 300 and I am down 150 lbs. Being only 5 2″ I want to lose 30 more lbs, we will see. The last 20 always seems to be the hardest, so I am going to get my marbles this week. Keep us updated on your journey and GOOD LUCK to everyone trying to get to goal.

    1. OMG, Stacy, you give me hope!  150 lbs, that’s AMAZING.  How did you do it?  I can’t wait to hear how your marbles project goes!

  22. Fantastic idea! Except I don’t think I got an idea of scale here lol.. I went to Michael’s craft store and bought 2 hurricane candleholders and some glass beads and some pink lettered stickers. I have 60 lbs to lose. (1 down, 59 to go actually lol). Except I have these 2 big-ass glass holders and the beads only came up to like an 8th of the container haha. I need to get bigger beads I guess. I think I’ll also put some silk flowers in there to fill it up a bit, like a vase. Thx for the great idea, I Pinned this!

    1. Hi Christina!  Yeah, you would have laughed at me at the craft store…I must have been there for an hour deciding on marbles and vases…trying to figure out how many damn marbles were in a package (they went by weight, not quantity).  I thought my marbles would fill the vases up farther, but I didn’t need as many marbles as I thought I would.  

      Congrats on the 1 pound, I know there are many more to follow!

  23. Ohhh! I would LOVE something like this. Did you buy them with the words on them? If not please share how you did this for those of us who are not arts and crafty lol….please 🙂

    1. Hi Tracy – no, I bought the letters at JoAnn Craft Store…in the scrapbooking section.  I just eyeballed it as far as keeping the letters straight, but I imagine you could use masking tape to make a straight line if you needed to.  I also kept a tweezers handy in case I needed to reposition the letters…and I did!

  24. Hey Di, I just copied your idea.  For my 10 lb marbles I used heart shaped ones because losing weight is good for your heart.  i also put a big pink diamond at the bottom of the jar for when I get to my goal weight.  I’ve never tried visual motivation before, but I think this is a really great idea.

  25. i love this ideal, my 2 sons and I are trying to lose weight, i think we all 3 can have one of our own, with things we like!!!!

  26. The motivational marbles are a GREAT ideas ! Which craft storre did you go to ? i didnt find at Michaels ! Nor the marbles nor the jewels ( thats sooo cool, to add something different every 10 lbs ) I really need this too ! Have to face how many marbles I am goona need it though 😉 !

    1. Hi Benzi –  I went to Joann craft store for everything.  Hey, I needed 219 marbles…that was quite humbling, but actually not as many as I thought it would be.  LOL

  27. go to the dollar store to get the marbles ALOT cheaper than a craft store, wal mart, etc!!!! i just bought some marbles for my son’s behavior motivation jar! i love this idea!!!!

  28. I am doing this for me and my daughter only I’m using the one thing that really motivates her/us MONEY.  Course, it’s not as much for me cause the money’s all mine anyway but  . . . . 

    1. Great idea, though!  If I had that much money, I’d do it as well…but we would just end up having to raid the jar when the car conked out or something.  LOL.  Not a great time for the Hot Mess household, financially speaking!

  29. I love the jars! I have a goal of losing weight for me but also for my wedding. I think the motivational jars will help me so much!! I had never heard of these but my best friend (and matron of honor) sent me this link. Good luck with your weight lose too!!

    1. Mary, congratulations on your wedding!  Maybe you could get marbles in your wedding colors.  🙂

      1. That would have been a great idea to do the marbles in my wedding colors!!! I got girlie flowers and regular white ones instead. I hope things are going good for your goals!

  30. Are these shot glasses cause I bought glasses that I thought were pretty small and my marbles barely cover the bottom.  Although mine a not exactly marbles but the decorative jewels in the craft section at walmart, so maybe they are a bit smaller. Please tell me the size glass you have?

    1. Oh Lord, no Taunja…LOL…I couldn’t fit 219 marbles into shot glasses!  These are about 10 inches tall and about 4 inches across the width of the opening.

    1. Hi Benzi!  I hope you find some good sticker letters!  You could always use a stencil and glass paint, but I wouldn’t be that good at getting the stencil lined up.  This was easier for me.  🙂

    1. Hi Kourtney!  I got them at JoAnn craft store.  🙂  They’re in the section with all the floral arranging stuff!

      1. Did you get everything at Joann’s? Even the letter sitckers? I have to say this really inspired me!! I had a baby 5 months ago (I wasn’t small when I got pregnant). I was/am 255lbs now and when I got pregnant, at my heaviest while pregnant I was 272lbs. So like you I want to lose 100lbs to be healthy (I know I will never be a size 0 or 2, whith my bone structure it’s just a really REALLY bad idea). Sorry to ramble there :-/ I will be making these soon. I LOVE this idea.

  31. Great idea!!! I went out today & bought my vases & marbles.  I saw the picture on my sisters Pinterest page, but didn’t see the story behind it.  So, what I am going to do, is go out & get “pink” marbles as well & use those as my 10lb goal. Thanks again… & good luck to you!!!

  32. That is just awesome!! Love it and want a set of weight loss motivation jars and marbles for myself!!

  33. That is such a neat idea. Good luck on ur Journey. U can do it. Move them marbles. I am going to try this. I love it. Keep us posted 🙂

    1. Thank you, Ya!  If you try it, be sure to come back and post a pic in the Motivational Marbles gallery!  :0)

  34. This is really interesting and motivating!  I am definitely going to try this!!  and of course put it somewhere I can see it so I can stay motivated!

  35. I saw your jars on pinterest and made my own. I will admit that I didn’t actually look at your post before I made them, I just went with the pictures :/ now I am wishing I had, I love the idea of a big pink stone for your goal weight and I will be looking for one now! Good luck on your goal, stick to it! If you want to see the ones I made check out my blog (I linked back to your page as the site of my inspiration).

    1. Very cute blog, Amy!  I love your jars!!  You’re almost halfway to your goal…keep up the good work and the focus….you can do it!

  36. I found your blog through pinterest, and just wanted to tell you good luck, and YOU CAN DO IT! I have over 200lbs to lose, and am going to make the jars as well to help keep me motivated. Best of luck!!

    1. Thanks Jen!  Can’t wait to see what your jars look like.  So proud of you…you can do it!

  37. Rilla, I would love to see them!  Can you post a picture in the Motivational Marbles gallery?  🙂

  38. Just another idea, I am thinking about taping a picture of me before I gained weight behind the “pounds to go” marbles, that way the more I lose the more I see what I am striving for… I haven’t done it yet, but I’ll let you know how it turns out

  39. I found your blog through Pinterest, I read your story. I feel it has to click just right for a healthy way of life to work. I want to wish you luck on your journey. I have started mine since last May, with a 20 lb. weight loss. I told my Dr. “Slow but Sure”. He said slow stays off.

  40. These really are brilliant and I LOVE the idea of a special stone for when the goal is reached. Terrific!

    Oh, and that is one seriously nasty purse!!

    1. LOL Beth…I know, the purse is just nasty, isn’t it?  I’m just glad it’s not real.  Can you imagine applying leather cleaner to it on a tissue…it would look like you were wiping….oh, never mind.  🙂  LOL

  41. I found you on pinterest – I love this idea!  I have a little over 100 pounds to lose and this is a great way to see progress.  Thanks for sharing and GOOD LUCK – YOU CAN DO IT! 🙂

    1. Thanks MellyBean!!!  (cute name!)  If you make some marbles for yourself, you’ve gotta come back here and share a pic with us!!  🙂  Good luck to you…I know you can do this!

  42. I saw this on pinterest and I am getting ready to make my weight loss jar.  I was thinking of using stickers on the outside of the jar until I saw your idea of a different colored marble.   I hope to have mine made soon.

    1. Hi Momonamission!  Glad you like them…I hope you come back and share a pic with us if you make some!!  🙂

  43. I have lost 115lbs in the last 15 months. I am going to make some jars, because I still have another 60-70 to go! I love your idea of the multi-colored stones for different spots along the way. I take it by the tens as well!! 🙂 Good luck to everyone else on a weight loss journey! It’s tough but so worth it! 

    1. Sam, that is AWESOME!  What an amazing accomplishment…you must be so proud of yourself!!!  Holy crap…come back here and tell us how you did it, sweetie!  You inspire me!

  44. Also, hotmessprincess, which craft store did you find your supplies at? I’m trying to decide the best one to go to this weekend to start this project. Thanks!

    1. Hi Sam –   I got them at JoAnn Fabric/Craft Store.  🙂  They were in the scrapbooking section.  Hope that helps!!

  45. So how exactly did you get the letters on the jars? Are they
    just stickers?!! Thanks 🙂

    1. Yes, they’re just stickers.  🙂  Sticky scrapbook letters.  I’m usually pretty good at eyeballing stuff to get it in a straight line, but I considered taping a line across the jar to make it perfect.  I decided to wing it.  But I kept a tweezers handy in case I needed to unstick a letter or two…which I did!  My advice is to gently place the letter where you want it, step back and see if it’s straight, and if it is…smoosh it down and move on to the next one.  🙂

  46. Thank you so much for this idea!  I saw this on Pinterest and went out today and bought my supplies.  They came out so cute.  I did want to ask you what kind of dog it is you have in your pictures.  Not the St. Bernard, the other one.  I have a dog I adopted 7 years ago and he looks so much like him! 

    1. No prob, Erinds, I’m glad you like it!  I hope you come back and share a pic of your marbles on the Motivation Marbles tab above.  🙂  The non-Saint Bernard looking doggy is Dyson.  He is 1/2 Saint Bernard, 1/2…we’re not sure.  We think he’s 1/2 sheep dog.  We’re actually going to do the DNA test you can get at Petsmart because we’re sooo curious.  We got him from a local rescue group last fall, so he’s still a puppy.  73 pounds, 7 months old…and tons of trouble.  🙂  But we love him – and Kirby, our pure bred St Bernard, just loves her buddy.  They’re really cute together.  Why kind of mix is your doggy?

      1. They told us he was believed to be a Bearded Collie mix.  He’s 40 lbs but looks so much like Dyson.  We are going to have to get him a little buddy soon and I’m trying to aim for one that shares his features.  Thanks for your quick response!

  47. Love this idea….i’ve been on ww for 5 weeks and have lost 12.5 lbs to date. Have my supplies and will be doing these today cuz i am a visual person this is great! Thanks for the idea! Love pintrest

  48. I love this idea! I teach first grade and they have behavior motivating gems that fill a jar toward a big group prize…now I will too (just need to think of a prize)! Thanks for the great idea, especially that big final pink gem!

    1. Jammers, if it helps, it’s my intention to make a trip to Tiffany’s when I get my hands on that big pink gem.  🙂  Sure, it’ll probably be for something in the $200 range…but I’ve never gotten anything in that little blue box and I’ve always wanted something from there.  You’ll find a prize that’s uniquely you!

  49. I came across the idea tonight on Pinterest. My friend and I just started our own WW program(I’ve done it a dozen times so know it by heart and have material) and I am going to make us both marble jars! I have also thoroughly enjoyed going through your blog and reading your journey and kind of believe we may have been separated at birth. We have very similar sense of humor, food triggers, ways of looking at things but you are able to write it in an enjoyable manner. I will be checking in routinely to check on your journey. You should also know that reading this tonight has given me the extra shot I needed to start exercising.

    1. Thank you, Suellen!  🙂  I’m so glad you’re here…can’t wait to see those marble jars!!!  How’s it going?

  50. Hello, I saw this on Pinterest tonight and I am hoping that it helps me with my weight lost. Thanks for the great idea!!!

  51. This is really great. I have been  trying to come up  with some sort of motivation to get myself back on track. I really like this and it is actually kind of pretty with the marbles.

    I am going to go to  Michael’s and buy the marbles to get going. I think I even have jars so this would be perfect and relatively cheap. Great post!

    1. Hi Blondiey15 – I bought them at Joann Fabric Stores.  They were in the scrapbooking section.  🙂

  52. Have seen many, like yours the best! Love the idea of the special “jewels” for each 10 pound mark (that is how I am doing it also – have lost 35 so far), and especially love the BIG jewel at the end for reaching your goal. Thanks so much for sharing. Wishing you much success on your journey!


  53. FABULOUS idea!  I hope you don’t mind, but I am blogging about it (it’s my first blog post in years!) and linked to your page to give credit where credit is due 🙂

    1. Amanda, thanks!  Would love to see your blog as well…feel free to post a link so that we can all visit.  🙂

  54. I love this idea and plan to steal your idea with both the final goal jewel and the smaller ones for losing 10 pounds.  Just out of curiosity though if you had a bad week and GAINED weight do you move the marbles back to the original jar?

    1. Hi Cami –

      Well, I’ve never had a bad week.  🙂  I probably will, because I have a long way to go…but I get on the scale every single day.  Because of that, and due to the fact that weight fluctuates daily, I do not move marbles back if the scale goes up a pound or two for a few days.  HOWEVER, if the scale stayed up for a week then YES…I would move marbles back to the “Pounds to Go” side.  I hope I never have to do it!!

  55. Totally stealing! haha  Me and a couple girls at my office are doing our own version of the biggest loser and this is perfect for us to keep!  I got the vases and marbles at the Dollar store and will make the letters myself with my Cameo Silhouette (my new favorite toy!).  I sure hope this is the inspiration I need to get my butt back in gear and get rid of my baby gut!  Thanks again…love it!  P.S. Good luck with your weight loss goals!!! 🙂

  56. I love this idea!  I’m gonna steal it!  I’ve been struggling with losing my baby weight.  My baby will be 7 months next week, and I’m so ready to get back to my pre-pregnancy weight.  This is such a great idea.  It gives you a great visual representation of your progress!  

  57.  When I saw this, I was amazed to the point where I went shopping and made my own! Thanks for the great idea and good luck on your weight loss. You can do it!

  58. I love love love this!!!! Truly motivational…I can not wait to purchase materials and make my own. Thanks for sharing!

  59. Love this idea, anything for motivation. I’ll be at Michaels tomorrow!!!!!!!

  60. Great work.  I will be making this when I get off vacation on June 15th… I need something go motivate me… I should take one to work and leave one home.. That way my co workers can get in on the fun too. 

  61. Good luck, and thanks for sharing!!! I’ll be doing this for myself now!!!

  62. Hey there! Just wanted to let you know we featured you in our Favorite Find Fridays post over at Whimsically Homemade. We used one of your pictures. If that’s a problem let us know and we’ll remove it immediately. Thanks for your great inspiration! 

    1. Thanks, Megan!  As long as you link back to this post and give credit here, I have no problem whatsoever!  I can’t find it on your blog though…can you post a link here so we can see it?  LOVE your blog, by the way…I’ll gladly post a link on my Facebook fan page.  🙂

  63. Saw your idea on pinterest also.  My daughter and I are on a weight loss challenge together, so I think I’ll make one for both of us.  Thanks for the great idea!!!!

  64. This is such a good idea I am going to make one for myself to motivate myself starting next week.  Thanks for the idea

  65. Brilliant.  I’ve been a little stuck lately and this is just what I need to keep going.

  66. I found this post via Pinterest some time ago, and when I started my working on my health, I put this into practice.  So thanks for sharing because I’m at a point where I’d like to share photos of my progress, but not of myself.  🙂

  67. Thank you for listing out the materials you used. I’m very visual and I love this idea so much. What a blessing to have found you! I’m around 30 pounds lost from 362.8, so I am excited to get these made and get to put some rocks into my own jar of pounds lost. Your ideas on the colors and the goal rock are even better. I’ll link to your site once I have my own set made. Thank you. Bless you.

    PS. I’ve subscribed to your RSS feed and I hope one day I can make my site as cool as yours. You’ve done such a great job. I love the design and how organized it all is. Sending you hugs of support as I read more and more.

  68. Awesome idea…but if you gain…do the marbles go back and forth…my adventure lately, has been so up and down!!

    1. Hi Cindy!  My rule is that I’ll move the marbles back if my weight goes up and stays there for an entire week.  Weight fluctuates naturally, but as a woman my weight fluctuates even more than a man’s…I have no intention of punishing myself over a pound or two of water weight that I’m going to pee out again in a few days.  LOL.  For example, I’ll get on the scale one day and it reads 336…the very next day, it can say 338 even though I was under my calorie goal for the day.  There is no way that I ate the extra 7,000 calories it would take to gain those 2 pounds over night…so I don’t move the marbles.  The next day, of course, it’s back down to 336…and stays there for days before it moves again.  🙂

  69. Love this idea. Been struggling my whole life with weight. Going to try to find red. My favorite color. You are probably amazed that you are receiving comments almost 10 months later.

  70. Thanks for the inspiration! I am making mine today, (to start tomorrow, on New Year’s Day). I’m excited! I still need to find the perfect “goal weight” jewel/stone…

    1. Yay!!! 🙂 I’m glad you like them, Tracy…and I love turquoise!! I bet they’ll look gorgeous when they’re done!

  71. Happy New Year! So, I apologize for the dumb question, but my scale weights tenths … do you round up? Do you only look at the whole # or do you not move unless it’s at least 1lb+?

    1. That’s not a dumb question at all!

      My scale does the same thing. I count everything to the left of the decimal point. If the scale says 349.9 I’m still 349 in my book. When I started this, the scale said 381.7 and I counted as starting at 381. As far as I’m concerned, this process is hard enough on anyone without nickel and diming over tenths of a pound. LOL We give ourselves too much crap!

      There have been plenty of folks who have made Motivation Marbles and had a marble for every 10th of a pound, but if I did that I’d need jars the size of Hoover Dam. 🙂

      The decimal point is evil.

      Happy New Year!

  72. I’ve had a hard time wrapping my mind around it … so lets say I start at 199 day one. Day two I’m at 197.5 … and day 3 I’m at 196.1. How many would you take out? My mind ignores the decimal and figures I’m whole number counting so I’d take 3. Is that how you’d do it?

    1. Yes, ma’am, that’s EXACTLY how I would do it. I don’t even see that fraction of a pound anymore. LOL.

  73. WAHOO!!! Thanks so much for your help! I was so excited when I saw your jars on pinterest, my boyfriend thought I was crazy at first, and now he’s being nosy! Good luck to you and your adventure and have a great NY! 🙂

    1. No problem! You will LOVE the sound of those marbles plinking in the “pounds lost” jar. Seriously, there’s nothing like it. 🙂

  74. What an awesome idea, I’m gonna start my marble jars tomorrow, good luck to you, and all of you on the same journey. Keep us posted.

  75. I love this idea. I am going to tell my TOPS group about it.We are kind of in a holding pattern.This may help.

    1. Thanks, Carol! I hope your TOPS group finds it useful! Best of luck to ya!

  76. This looks very pretty and maybe it might help me to get back on track. I had slowly lost 30 pounds last year (which even put my diabetes Type 2 into remission!) but somehow I just stopped being mindful of my habits. I have been shoving the issue into the back of my mind resulting in a gain back of 8, causing frequent back aches, returned acid reflux and just plain feeling crummy.

    A pretty visual reminder might be the trick! I think I need a little more, however, so I tweaked the idea; a stone/jewel/bead for each 10th pound lost with a larger and special stone/jewel/bead for the goal. I have not figured it out yet as to how many I need. When complete, I would make them into a bracelet or necklace. It seems like it would be harder for me to “give up” because for me it would represent a “waste” if I couldn’t make this to wear. But oh how wonderful to have something pretty to wear and what it would represent to me! And that is on top of what it would do for my health, energy, and so on!

    So… I just have to get out there and get my supplies to make it. Plus I need to make sure I am ready for the commitment. Thank you so much for posting your idea! I really like it.

  77. What an inspiration. I have a start goal date of July(my family is coming into town so no use in starting now) and will be using this method. Thank you for sharing.

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