Introducing our newest hot mess: Dyson

Yesterday I promised pictures and today I will deliver. ¬†ūüôā

As I’ve mentioned a time or two, hubby and I are the proud parents of one beautiful Saint Bernard…and the three cats who own us: ¬†Sarah, Caesar, and Hemi. ¬†We named our dog Kirby, after Kirby vacuum cleaners, because that’s how we figured she’d eat. Little did we know, she wouldn’t end up eating much more than a regular sized dog.

Although Kirby is the peacekeeper of the house (Saint Bernard…hello, Switzerland!), she loves to romp and play as much as the next dog…but she knows she can’t romp and play with the cats. ¬†That’s what the dog park is for. ¬†And Mom and Dad. ¬†And anyone at Petsmart that looks at her sideways. ¬†When hubby and I heard about a certain litter of puppies, we decided it might be time for Kirby to have a playmate her own size.

I’ll never understand how anyone can mistreat an animal, but they do. ¬†(And please PLEASE do not tell me stories of animals who’ve been abused…there isn’t enough Ambien in the world to get me not to have nightmares over that!) ¬†Low and behold, some douchebag took 7 beautiful puppies away from their mother at just 4 weeks old…and dumped them in a high kill shelter. ¬†Thank God for rescue groups. ¬†The good people at a local shelter went out and got all 7…took them home and got them proper veterinary care, etc…and started trying to find them homes.

A few weeks later, we brought this little man home:

Meet Dyson.  Yes, after the vacuum cleaner.  Why break with tradition?

He’s 1/2 Saint Bernard and 1/2 chewing, thrashing, pooping hot mess. ¬†He’s adorable and wonderful…I just really wish I could get him to stop chasing our poor cats. ¬†My heart gets heavier by the day when I see them cautiously crab-walking down the hall just to get a drink of water. ¬†Poor babies.

In time I know everything will settle down. ¬†For now, he is keeping us very busy…and Kirby is quite happy to have someone to drool on who really doesn’t mind very much. ¬†Oh, and did I mention his chubby butt? ¬†I’ve never quite seen anything like it, but he really does have a big ass. ¬†So much so that we contemplated naming him “Sir Mix A Lot” because this baby’s got back!

What can I say?  Like mother, like son.


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